The Truth Behind Tupac Conspiracy


Tupac Shakur or 2pac or Makaveli was an actor and also an American Rapper. His album “All Eyes On Me” is the biggest hit of his time. He has been ranked 86th by the rolling stone magazine. Shakur was a roadie in his early teenage but the need of money and thirst for fame made him a backup dancer which sometimes ended with solo performers.


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Acting and Singing Career

Apart from singing and rapping Shakur also danced and made steps which make people say ‘wow’.

He was leading his singing talent day by day and people loved his rap! In addition to rapping and hip hop music, Shakur acted in films. Nothing But Trouble was his first film he made with motion in the picture, as part of a cameo by the Digital Underground. In the film Juice, his first starring role was there. He played Roland Bishop in this film, a violent member of the Wrecking Crew, for which he was hailed by Rolling Stone‘s Peter as “the film’s most magnetic figure”.

The Conspiracy

Many a time it is tough to believe when a music star dies young and no one ever really wants to believe it most probably the fans. Moreover, its tough time for the country when a legend like Tupac is shot dead while the images and other sensitive recordings of his body were released – showing the sort of injuries which has occurred on his body- there appeared to be a number of inaccuracies surrounding Tupac’s death. Dying at a young age, Tupac left his fans with many questions surrounding his life, mentality, emotions, and feelings. Tupac’s connection and feelings on the Illuminati can be considered as a Tupac conspiracy. Tupac was the celebrity that put the term Killuminati meaning on the map. After this death fans started analyzing every lyric he ever rapped and made their own conclusions. What he sang was what he felt and visualized the world according to his beliefs and thinking. Tupac was the only man who was believing in self and not the others at his times. People wanted to stay in touch with him till eternity. Tupac now has built a place in heart for his fans. His craziness to rap for his fans made him more popular but besides getting popular a strategy for his conspiracy was being prepared. Moreover, Tupac’s friends thought that he had premonitions of his death and hence the conspiracy. One can clearly understand what he sang and why. All his raps included a little bit of the knowledge of his death.


He had enjoyed the albums and songs and was influenced by English and Irish pop musicians as a teenager such as Kate Bush, Culture Club, and Sinead O Connor. His style on 2Pacalypse was highly influenced by the social consciousness and Afrocentrism pervading hip-hop in the late 1980s and early 1990s. All Eyes On Me was a change of style from his earlier works; while it still contained socially conscious thoughts, Shakur’s album was heavily influenced by party tracks and tended to have a more healthy and feeling for fortune type of vibe than his first albums.


On the night of September 7, 1996, Shakur attended the boxing match with Suge Knight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Just after leaving the match, Orlando was spotted by one of the Knight’s associates spotted “Baby Lane” Anderson, an alleged Crips gang member from Crompton, California, in the MGM Grand lobby.  Knight’s associate told Shakur, who attacked Anderson. They had a fight which was recorded in the CCTV camera.

Shakur’s body was cremated the next day. Some of his ashes were later mixed with marijuana and burned by members of the Outlawz.

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