Why You Should Date A Programmer?


Well dating a guy/gal whom you like and spending time with him/her may become memories whether happy or harsh! But dating a programmer will always bore some good fruits which might be seen in your behavior or maturity in an older stage. Dating a programmer is like trusting a friend who care for you only for food and health, says some people.

Programmer Dating

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So here are some perks of dating a programmer:

1. The advantage of dating a programmer is that they won’t cheat you, because they don’t have time for anyone else. They stick glued to their laptops, they don’t have time to fake their love, moreover sometimes they don’t even have time to talk you (well that really happens sometimes). They are super smart, they can compress and optimize your makeup and sandwich making algorithm.

2. They don’t even know that they are always keen to learn and eager to earn. While on a next date with a guy/girl who is a programmer may change your thinking after reading this blog.

3. They are crazy smart. They know their mess inside out, and are always busy learning new things. When they don’t know, they are intense to learn. They’ve adopted such a mentality since childhood and have collected so much knowledge inside their brain that they are all ready to share with others.

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4. They are the problem solvers; if something is wrong, they’ll work on to fix it. Programmers are a good thinkers and learners. They’ll enjoy having thoughtful conversations with you, and they’ll appreciate your sayings.

5. All of his/her human skills make him/her perfect BF/GF and his/her behavior will make him/her a mature, and a sensible partner. But the important factor of a programmer is that they’re committed.

6. They choose the projects that touché them at an emotional level, and they work with them, while they could be making much, much more money. Once s/he’s committed to you, no pretty boy/girl can trap him/her away from you. s/he’s all yours.

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7. They are a passionate person who would give all their time and effort to the thing that has seized their hearts.

8. They are all time serious as well as punctual person towards their work and relationship.

9. People dealing with programming are sweet and sensitive, they know when and how to give in to their partners. When you have a bad day and just want to complain to someone about everything that goes wrong in life, they’re there to listen to you. And even if you choose to blame them for the cause of everything gone wrong, they’d give in the risk raising an argument, just to make you feel better and comfortable.

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10. Programmers tend to be the best dating person because they can solve any problem in your life as a problem in their computer. S/he can manage his/her long distance relationship in a manner that s/he is just few steps away from you and can make you happy by his/her way of communicating.

11. Programmers are guaranteed to have a long-lasting relationship because s/he is experienced in handling differences, sending his/her codes for reviews, accepting his/her mistakes, most importantly never letting his/her ego affect his/her behavior.

12. Programmers might be really shy type, but they’re extremely straightforward. So if they’re feeling something, they’re certain to tell you on the face. While it might not be what you always want from him/her, but you can trust him/her to be truthful to you.

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