The Optimism In Being Pessimistic


“Both optimists and pessimists contribute to society. The optimist invents the aeroplane, the pessimist the parachute.” – G.B Shaw

Most of the people assume that being pessimistic comes with no productive value. They believe, it creates an utmost negative attitude towards life which does not help at all. A pessimist is someone who emphasizes on worst aspect of life. The theory of a glass-half-full has become very popular. But if you live in a rosy world then you keep distancing yourself from the real world. A strong blow of reality can break your glass palace easily. Pessimism comes with its benefit that is a harsh reality check. Often it breaks the bubble you live in to help you grounding in reality.

pessimistic thinking

In this article, I’m going to tell you some pros of being a pessimistic minded person.

The following are some optimism that you can get from being a pessimistic:

1. Dealing with Anxiety

Being pessimistic gives you the liberty to always expect the worst and thus you are always prepared for it. Even you can put all the blame on destiny instead of blaming yourself. It helps you to manage your anxiety and live your life guilt-free.

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2. No Expectations, No Disappointments

Yes, this is popular saying that you can apply to your life by being pessimistic. When you are always prepared for terrible things, eventually you tend to expect less. With no burden of heavy expectations, you can live your life carefreely! You keep your expectation low from people and things and thus you are not affected much if you are failed or betrayed!

3. Your Survival

Pessimism comes out of fear which is sometimes important to deal with your dangers. It makes you think twice before taking an action. You can detect where you can go wrong rather than have a “yes, I know it all” attitude.

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4. Making To Your Strategy

You can make a list of all the wrong things that might happen to you and prepare to battle with them. Pessimism allows you to think the worst case scenario which you can intelligently use it for your benefit. Psychologists have termed it as a “Defensive pessimism”.

5. Creating The Balance

If you are an extreme optimist then you stop seeing and realizing your failures. Driven by the ray of hope you can end up chasing after something which might be unattainable to you. You lose you a sight with reality. Having a pessimistic attitude can help you see both sides of the coin. You even always prepared for the worst! It helps you not to become an overconfident person or you don’t put your faith on someone too much.

Being a pessimist, life does not take you by too much of surprise. The fact is we need both positivity and negativity in our life. What is a day without a night? And how can we know something is right if there is no wrong! With a moderate dose of pessimism, you can achieve your goals and success!

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