22 Best Simple Travel Tips for a Smoother Trip


Who is ready for a great adventure? As you travel around the world and immerse yourself in different cultures, every corner will be an adventure to remember. When we see and experience things with our own eyes, it soothes the soul. To help for a smooth trip, here are some of the very easy tips you should consider the next time you are traveling.

  • Buy a small suitcase or a backpack: This is an important tip for travelers who are constantly on the go. You should pack light and travel with basic necessities. Humans have a tendency to fill up space but that creates a lot of luggage and unnecessary stuff and weight. Traveling light can let you buy local stuff from the market and get to take more souvenir. Pack light that is the motto and you will be ready to take over the world.
  • Pack a towel and an extra pair of socks: Towel is a big yes yes. You will never know when you need it. It is sensible and the most important element that should be present. Extra pair of socks is needed because many tears while laundry or are stolen, so an extra pair is no harm.
  • Take an extra bank card and credit card with you: It is very important to be safe than sorry. Anything can happen and we don’t want you to be stranded in an unknown country without funds. You need to have an extra card for never running out of money.
  • Avoid taxis and take up free walking tours: Taxis are always a budget buster. Avoid them altogether and only use them in case of emergencies. There are other means of travel and one should try those. There are free walking tours which can help you learn about the city and pepper up the guide with questions.
  • Do not eat near a tourist attraction and eat at expensive restaurants during lunch times:  Places near touristy attractions serve expensive food and may not be very good. You should find places away from such attractions and can use applications like foursquare, yelp, google, etc and go 4-5 miles away from these places. Best time to try out expensive restaurants is the lunchtime. They give the best lunch deals and serve food for half the price during lunch time.
  • Pre-book your tickets to attractions and avoid TripAdvisor: Pre-book your tickets to famous attractions to avoid the line. A lot of time is wasted waiting in lines for seeing these attractions so it is better to avoid them altogether and book it a day or two before. Avoid TripAdvisor because they have fake reviews and are not accurate. One if interested should check the place and then make a decision about it.
  • Book flights 2-3 months in advance and sign up for flight deals: You should book your tickets 3 months in advance to get the best deals. The airfare is cheaper and is more convenient. You can also sign up for flight deals on websites like Scott’s Cheap flights, The Flight Deal, etc. They give great deals and directs them into your inbox.
  • Take an extra bank card and credit card with you: It is very important to be safe than sorry. Anything can happen and we don’t want you to be stranded in an unknown country without funds. You need to have an extra card for never running out of money.
  • Don’t fly direct: It is sometimes cheaper to fly to a place nearest to your destination and take a train from that place to your destination. It is better not to take a direct flight which can be more expensive and remembers we got to keep your trip budget-friendly. Good flight search engines are:
      1. Momondo
      2. GoogleFlights
      3. Skyscanner; to name a few and they are really great and gives really good prices.
  • Do not buy a money belt: When you do this it is more like you are inviting the thief to rob you. You should blend in the crowd and carry minimal things with you while roaming. Always have cash left in a safe at the hotel and carry a minimal amount of cash and passport only wherever needed. If something does happen you can always recover if you cash deposited at your hotel or hostel.
  • Always carry a lock and make extra copies of important documents: It is handy to carry a lock and safeguard your money and other essentials when you are living in a hostel. It keeps you tension free and you can roam around without stress. Always have a copy of your passport and other documents in case you lose your original or when you don’t want to carry your original with you.
  • Stay in a hostel and learn a few local words: Hostels are the best place to stay. You can meet many people and they organize a lot of events and have cheap beer and alcohol. You can save tonnes of money by opting to stay at a hostel and have fun too. One can stay at one expensive hotel for a day or two and get that experience too. But later he should accommodate at hostels. Trust me it is great fun. You should learn a few local words or the native language. Locals always appreciate if you can speak some of their native languages and tend to be more helpful.
  • Stand behind business travelers in queues and not behind families: For speedy movement through the airport traffic, this is the best tip. Families take a lot of time because there are children and a lot of luggage which they carry.
  • Ask hostel staff for information and more importantly use a map: Need to get to a place, or want information about the nearest train station it is always a great idea to ask the hostel staff. They have an idea about local places, markets, etc. You can always use a map and navigate your way through and not feel ashamed.
  • Visit the touristy or historical places during lunchtime: This is the best time to avoid huge crowds and big buses of tourists because they are enjoying their lunch and you can enjoy the scenic view and beauty in peace. You can click as many pictures needed and not be disturbed.
  • Meetup with strangers but keep your guard up too: Talk to people and get to the people near your area of lodging. Hang out with them at the bar and have fun. It is always good to meet new people and also learn from them. This might lead to a lifelong friendship. But be smart and keep your suspicions at your side. You don’t want to fall into uncomfortable situations.
  • Try new food, learn to haggle and get good shoes: One should try all kinds of delicacies the place offers. Close your eyes and put the food in your mouth and enjoy the different kinds of food the area provides. An important tip is to haggle and never feel unashamed. A little bit of haggling always helps you get the best deals for clothes and other different items you want to buy. Moreover, you will need the best kind of shoes with all the walking you are going to do. This is a must and is a very important essential needed.
  • Get vaccinated and carry First Aid: Get vaccinated before going to any place. Some places need you to be vaccinated before you visit them. You should carry a FirstAid with you too for travel can cause hurt and bruises which needs to be tended without spending money at the doctor’s clinic.
  • Relax, don’t overplan your trip: Trips are for you to relax and have fun. You should do just that. Don’t overplan the trip and just go with the flow. Let the place guide you into the street and to keep the wanderer alive in you get lost once in a while. Getting lost and just enjoying is a great stress buster pill.
  • Carry Travel Insurance: Get Travel insurance so that you can save money when something goes wrong. You don’t want bills of millions of bucks so always get insured to avoid all unnecessary payments.
  • Take photos of people and scenic destinations: Take lots and lots of photos of the people around and of the beautiful sights. You will want to capture those memories with you and also carry a good quality camera. They are to be saved in memory and also to show the great wonders these different places provide.

You will be enriched with knowledge and a hell lot of experience. Travelling frees you and a change of scenery is always needed. These tips will definitely make your traveling easy and also budget friendly. You can never forget to have a great time and stop every once in a while to take a breather. The gladdest moment in life is departure to unknown lands and feel free. All in all one biggest tip is don’t listen to them. Just go see. As they say To Travel Is to Live.


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