Wonders of Mother Nature in Finland you’ll be Thrilled to See


Finland is nature’s canvas that God used to paint with the most beautiful colours of the universe. That’s what you’ll feel when you see this country with your own eyes. 5.3 million people on 130,000 square miles covering land as well as sea, you won’t get so many wonders at one place on the Earth.

Finland Mother Nature

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Finland not only has diverse and amazing flora and fauna but it also mesmerizing phenomena that you can’t see in any other country. It offers its tourists with attractions like seas and forests along with snowy roads, mountains and everything white when you visit here in the winters.  You can also indulge in various fun and sporty activities like skiing, biking, diving, etc.

Mesmerizing things to see and experience in Finland

1). Saimaa Watercourse

The largest lake in Finland and fourth largest freshwater lake in entire Europe, Saimaa is a mesmerizing sight to behold. It’s also the perfect spot for numerous outdoor fun activities. Go hiking, paddling, or fishing; whichever is the favorite sport of yours.

Canoeing is one of the loved sports here in Lake Saimaa – you can relax and become one with the nature amidst this beautiful Finnish lake. Hiking here offers shorter trails that can be covered in a day’s trip. So, it’s easier and fun too if you’re bringing your parents on the trip.

Finland Mother Nature

Also, fishing is an excellent way for relaxation when you’re visiting Lake Saimaa. It has perches, pikes, as well as salmons.

2). Phitsuskongas Waterfall

With a height of 56 meters tall, this fall is the largest in Finland. The waterfall along the river named Phtsusjoki that drops from such a great height creates an enthralling spectacle that’s part of natural wonder on this Earth.

Phitsuskongas is in the extreme north of Finland, and it’s at a distance of 28 miles from Kilpisjarvi village. The area surrounding the fall has rich and spellbinding flora and fauna. Only option to see this beauty of nature covered in lush green is by hiking the area of Nordkalottruta, lying around the borders of Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

3). Richness of Lapland

Lapland is like a walk in the paradise as this region embraces so much beauty and exquisiteness. Its biodiversity with wild forest and open wilderness, this northern part of Finland will charm you with its attractions. Lapland, the largest area in Finland, is the home to millions of species – plants and animals – that have adapted to the environmental changes of this region.

Finland Mother Nature

Winters in Lapland are fully white with snow and ice covering its every part. It is the ‘land of midnight sun’. In summer, Lapland has six months of the day while the other six months, the region doesn’t see the streak of sunlight at all.

Another nature’s wonder in Lapland is the Aurora Borealis. This magnificent show of Northern lights dancing around the night sky is an amazing scene to encounter in the Finnish Lapland. It is found in the Arctic and Antarctic regions that occur due to the collision of particles at high latitudes.

Plan at least one trip to Finland once in your lifetime; its memories will engrave in your heart and mind forever!

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