How to talk to Emotional Women?


Talking to emotional girls is a great art that every man should master. I haven’t met many people in the world who understand how to deal with girls when they are nearly crying. And it is very unfortunate, as women on the climax of their emotions need to be treated differently. You would say the best solution is not to touch a crying woman because you will make it awkward anyway, you will be lost for words.

Emotional Women

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Feelings, tears and other elements of emotions scare men, who refuse from the idea of understanding their girlfriends and simply go to the world of online games or to friends. And the girl is upset even more because you do not want to pay attention and do not want to listen to her. Yes, and she, in fact, is right. And an emotionally unavailable woman, for instance, is even harder to understand. But this is not our today’s topic. Here are some crucial steps on how to and how not to talk to emotional women:

1. “Everything will be alright”

When a girl cries, we used to say that “Everything will be fine,” as heroes do in films, but this is a disgusting way of comforting. “Well, thank you, Cap, of course, everything will be fine, give me a minute to cry!” – thinks the girl. The best alternative for comfort is to say: “I see you are REALLY upset now.” Come here… “.

2. “Don’t cry”

“Maybe you will ask me not to breathe?” – thinks the girl. Any phrases like “Do not be sad!”, “Smile!” equally piss off both women. When a girl tears up, she’s not so easy to stop: you need to wait. Eventually, tears will stop by themselves, that is when the grievance or sadness pass. Best alternative: “Let me give you a handkerchief”. Men who approach girls in tears with a handkerchief increase the chances of a good hug and date after tears go away!

3. “Be strong for me!”

“Are you hinting that I’m weak?” or “As if an emotional vulnerability is a weakness.” In fact, this phrase is disgusting, because it is terribly worn out. The girl will remain strong, but only for herself. The best alternative: “You are strong, you will manage to overcome it!”

4. Just Silence

She cries, but you are silent. She cries, and you again are silent. She cries, and you sympathetically and heavily sighed. Insensate brute! The best alternative: eye contact. The best solution is a sympathetic smile and hugging. For reaching the top of empathy: cry with her.

5. “Well, why are you crying? It does not matter so much! Enough to overcomplicate things!”

“If I cry, it already matters,” the girl will answer. The best alternative: explain why you are so upset.

6. “Are you on your period?”

“As if I can’t cry and get upset in other days?” the girl will think. By the way, not always girls during “those days” have a changeable mood! The best alternative: you have high sensitivity today, right?

7. “There’s nothing you can do about it, so why are you so upset?”

Alas, many dudes try to avoid sensitivity, empathy and emotional dependence. Such words are pronounced after something emotionally difficult, for example, the death of a loved one. To pronounce such words is a little blasphemously. Best alternative: I know it’s hard to accept…

8. “Get a hold of yourself”

“Oh, wait, where the switch of my emotions …Oh, is yes, I do not have it! So screw you!” a woman will think. The best alternative: “Cry as much as you need, I’ll be there”! And she’s yours. Because it was an incredibly beautiful move!

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