Sure Signs That a Woman Likes You


Most people desire to be liked by women and they will do everything to ensure that they win the attention of the opposite sex. However, sometimes some people try too much, and even though they could be doing everything right, they fail to realize that a woman likes them simply because they don’t know what to look for.

There are certain cues you can always look for in a woman to tell without not that into you. By knowing these, it will make it easy for you to know how to proceed further on how to conquer the heart. In this article, we’ll show you some of the signs to tell you that, indeed, a woman really likes you.

She likes asking a lot of questions

If you notice a lady being too inquisitive about you, it simply shows that they’re interested in you. Otherwise, there is no reason why a lady would be interested in asking so many questions about you. This is an indication that they want to know more about you and decide in their hearts if you may be the right person for them.

Therefore, if you notice she’s asking too many questions, you should be happy that perhaps you could have a thing going on in a couple of weeks or months.

She remembers your interests and loves catching up on them

Suppose you have shared with a woman about what you like, and you notice that she remembers most of the things you told her and she actually follows up to see how you’re doing, this simply means that the lady likes you.

For example, if you’re a fan of a particular football team and you notice the lady asking about how the team is performing on the current competitions, this is a great sign that she’s really interested in you and she’s interested in knowing how you are fairing on with your passion. There is no other grand occasion than this that a lady really likes you.

She finds you funny

You may not have the best jokes in the world but you may find a lady who loves laughing too much at them. In most cases, the lady just like being around you simply because you make her laugh. You should know that ladies love those who make them laugh and if you’re in a position to appear as a funny person to them, then they must be feeling something for you.

Therefore, if you notice that this particular girl loves laughing when you’re with her or when you’re making general conversations and this is another indication that she may like you a lot.

She teases you

For a lady to tease you, it simply means that they want to see how you react when particular things happen to you. In some cases, they may try to tell a joke, tell you a lie, or just try to rack your brain to see how you would behave in particular situations. If this is happening, it is a simple indication that the lady is interested in knowing more about your reaction to various situations and the reason for them to do this is only that they like you.

Therefore, if you find a lady teasing you, don’t take it as if they’re trying to pull you will just joke around with you. It is a sign from them that they like you and they would love to learn more about your reaction to various situations.

She wants you to notice her neck and shoulder

If a lady is trying to draw your attention towards her neckline and shoulders, this is another indication that they may be interested in you. These are a few of the subtle non-verbal cues that deeply convey that in their consciousness, they like you.

The only reason for them doing this is because they feel comfortable around you and would actually like you to see what’s in the neckline wedding day shoulder. If you had intentions of dating the lady, and you notice such behavior, go ahead and impress her – she will respond the way you want her to respond.

She stands with her feet pointed towards to you

Another way to tell if a lady likes you is when she stands with her feet pointed toward you when you are having a conversation. If you’re talking to a lady, and you notice that she’s standing close next to you and her toes are pointed towards you, just know that the lady likes you.

These are certain body languages to convey that they have accepted you in their personal space and the only reason for them to do this is only if they like you and they love being around you. Again, when you notice them leaning towards you while you speak, it simply means they’re interested in getting every word you have to say and as such, they would not want to stay far away so as to miss.

She is open to the idea of a first date

You may usually tell if a lady doesn’t like you if you notice that she opposes the idea of going on a first date with you. Most men would normally engage ladies then ask them out for a date so that they can take further the conversation and see if it is possible for them to start a relationship. If a lady doesn’t like you, they will be very blunt about going with you on a first date and most of them will tell you openly that they don’t want to go on a date with you or they will show certain behaviors to suggest that they’re not interested in the first date with you.

However, when you make a proposal for a first date and you see them readily accepting it, then it is a simple indication that they indeed like you and they would love to go on that date with you. This may have not necessarily been about the normal topics about mattress topper you are used to reading on this blog, but hopefully, you have learned a tip or two on how to tell if a lady likes you.


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