What Is True Love???


This is one heck of a question to discuss and I assure you that you landed in the right place for a good life lesson which you will ever learn. So, What Is True Love? I bet that by now you would have come across a scenario where you experienced this strange good feeling for someone for the very first time in your life and that strange good feeling made you wonder about the art of true love.

Before telling you What is True Love, let me take you through the meaning of LOVE – The word which is most used and least understood. First understand the meaning of love. Because then only you will get to know about the difference between LOVE and TRUE LOVE.

true love

So what is LOVE?

  • Does love mean that you like a boy/girl and roam around with him/her?
  • Have a cup of tea/coffee together?
  • Find each other presence comfortable?

These are just those superficial symptoms which can be or cannot be of love.

Then What Is True Love?

Love means to serve the beloved person unconditionally. The following lines explain it clearly:

I serve you not with motive to enjoy you…
Whatever your likings are, they are mine…
I do things because you like that…
I think, I see, I listen, I work, I fight, I touch, I eat and I create only for you…
And in all these I find satisfaction and happiness…

 true love

See!!! Not even a pinch of selfishness. In short, those above lines mean that he/she loves you with all his/her existence even if you don’t care and you know what… he/she will expect nothing in return. This is the standard of love and it’s not so cheap. If you love someone that much true enough, then I bet that you will be

  • Humble like a blade of grass…
  • Tolerant like a tree…
  • Ready to offer all respect to him/her…
  • And expect nothing in return…

This is what true love is!!! Your true love towards him/her will be so selfless and its so great that everything can be sacrificed for it. By the way, I wanna dedicate the above lines to my TRUE LOVE and for your info, I had already experienced that strange good feeling for her!!!

If you find true love in your life, then consider yourself so much fortunate. Because love is a responsibility and only the fortune ones get it.

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