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Cloud storage is the place to store your files on a hard drive on the internet and access them from just any device. It can also be used as a backup drive. Moreover, you can use it when you are running out of space on your system. You don’t need to buy an extra storage device, just sign up with a reliable cloud storage provider and use its services.

Though there are lots of cloud storage providers available on the internet, choosing the most reliable one is necessary. pCloud is among the top cloud storage providers that gone popular in no time. Let’s explore more about this service.


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pCloud’s New App for iOS & Android

pCloud’s New App for iOS & Android

pCloud has recently launched a new app for Android and iOS users. When you download pCloud’s app on your smartphone, you can automatically backup your photos and videos on pCloud storage. You can free up the phone space as well. The ‘Free up Space’ is an advanced feature of this tool that gets activated when you back up your phone’s media on the drive using its ‘Automatic Upload’ feature. It deletes the media that has been uploaded.

New update to pCloud’s iOS App

New update to pCloud’s iOS App

pCloud believes that security is a necessity and it should be easy to apply. The iPhone users can now use the Face ID and Touch ID to login to their pCloud account. Enable this protection to add an extra layer of security to your important files.

pCloud – A Brief Knowhow & Powerful Features

pCloud is a reliable cloud storage provider that lets you download its client on your system and create a virtual storage. This virtual storage can be used as a regular drive for storing your valuable data. All your data is stored in this virtual drive can be accessed online through your pCloud account. It ensures that the user’s data stay safe by providing strong encryption standards. Some of the most powerful features of pCloud are mentioned alongside.

  • Auto Sync: The changes made by a user offline in the pCloud virtual drive are automatically saved when you turn on the internet connection. This makes sure that the data is preserved in the absence of the internet.
  • pCloud Crypto: If you are storing the files in Crypto folder, they stay hidden from rest of the world. Even the pCloud developers cannot access these files. The Crypto folder will ask your password to login to make changes in the files.

pCloud Drive

  • Password Protect Download Links: The download links to the media stored on your drive can be shared with your friends. You can protect these links with passwords so that the desired people can view these links. You can even view the stats about the traffic on the links.

pCloud Traffic Statistics

  • Unlimited File Size Upload: Unlike most of the cloud services, it doesn’t put a limit on the upload size of the file(s). Any media of any file size can be uploaded to the storage.
  • Rewind: The users can get back the deleted data which is not older than 180 days. Even the changes made to the file can be recovered using the Rewind feature. The users who are using its free version can only recover the data that is not older than 30 days.

pCloud Reward


It offers 20GB free cloud storage to all its users. The premium packages are also available ranging from $3.00/month. The subscription plans are customized according to the needs of different users.

pCloud Pricing

The EndNote

pCloud is an industry leading cloud storage service that has established itself in the internet fraternity. It has even released its mobile app for the users looking to free up some space on their smartphone and preserve the media stored on their devices. It offers a 20GB free storage to all users who can upgrade to premium plans if required.

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