How to Track Current Train Status Online In India


Want to know your journey train status?

Then you’re at the right place to find out the real-time data of any running train in India.

All you need is Train number to know the current location status of the train.

Indian Railways has made the availability of every facility on the web for the passengers planning to travel by train. In the year 1999, IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) was developed by the ministry of railways to provide facilities like catering, tourism and online ticketing facility to the passengers.

How to Track Current Train Status Online In India

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This has changed the face of railways. One can see massive improvements made by Indian Railways in IRCTC website. Earlier in those days, people faced many consequences in booking journey tickets and the ticket allocation was such a huge problem.

Many people were in chaos and confusion about the train time and the schedule. With the technology progresses, many changes were brought into the picture. Now people can able to book/cancel the tickets in online by using IRCTC account.

The train schedule is available on the web and IRCTC also updates seat availability regularly for the passengers who are planning to travel. IRCTC also allocates reserved seats to the passengers who booked the tickets in the reserved class. 

IRCTC introduced Tatkal scheme for the passengers planning to travel immediately. Only limited tickets are available under this scheme. People can book the tickets in advance a day before the journey. The booking for Air conditioned classes start from 10:00 AM daily and for non-Air conditioned classes the booking starts at 11:00 AM.

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Step By Step Process To Track Current Running Train Status

Now every passenger has the facility to know the details of current live train status. With a single click, passengers can get the real-time data anywhere.

If you want to know the details of your journey train then you can get the real-time data with a single click.

How to Track Current Train Status Online In India

  • On the top, you’ll find a search box option where you need to enter your 5 digit train number.
  • Click Submit to proceed further.
  • Here you’ll get the real-time data of the running train such as the Train name, source destination, Location and date.

Note:  You’ll only get the data for the trains running actively.

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Unable To Track The Status?

If you are failing to get the status of the running train then there are two possibilities

  1. Check and enter the train number correctly.
  2. Sometimes, the servers will be busy due to heavy traffic on the web and you cannot receive the data. In such case, you should try after some time.

Passengers can book their tickets physically at the railway counters or in online using IRCTC website. You need an IRCTC account to book any train ticket. Indian Railways appointed some licensed IRCTC agents in major cities for the passengers to book their tickets easily.

Now IRCTC mobile application is available on Android. Users can download the latest version of IRCTC App from the play store.

First-time users can create Individual IRCTC account for free from the official website. You just need an active email ID and mobile number to create the account.

Nowadays, booking a train ticket is one of the biggest concerns in India. Indian Railways started waitlist option for the passengers to get a confirmed seat later depending on the availability. Passengers should check their PNR status regularly to know if their ticket is confirmed or not. On the day of the journey, IRCTC prepares the final list of passengers to get the reserved seats.

Note: If your ticket is not confirmed before the final chart then the ticket will be canceled and you’ll get the refund money to your bank account.

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