Tips To Stand Out Unique In A Job Fair


After completing your graduation, your evaluation for getting hired in a deemed company starts. The evaluations seem long to the candidate whether it is for 30 seconds or 30 minutes but all you need is to remain calm and represent yourself in the best possible way. What should be done in advance to make these long feeling time a healthy discussion? So for that, in this article, I’m going to write about all the things related to job fairs.

At a job fair there will be so many companies gather around to hire candidates for their company. This is the right place to show out your skills. These skills and your presentation at a job fair will not surely but certainly will increase the probability of getting hired amongst one of the company which came into the job fair for recruitment.

Job Fair Tips

Here are a few tips which can help you stand out in a job fair:

  • If there are a lot of companies in the job fair, then plan to spend your whole day there itself.
  • Research about the companies that you gonna attend earlier.
  • Best time to attend job fairs is early in the morning because the “Early bird catches the worm”.

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Things that must be carried along and taken care of:

  • Resume hard copies
  • Letter of recommendations (if any)
  • Portfolio
  • Briefcase (to carry all these)
  • Formal Dresses

Some of us are reserved to ourselves and are not too much attentive to others, may be this can be your character at one stage of life, but when you grow up, you need to understand and take out your advantage from others. This can be a disadvantage at a job fair. Just take a stroll round the job fair to see and understand what is going on, it may help you in the meanwhile.

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Here are some walk around techniques:

Understand the layout of the job fair and see where each employer is located. Pre decide who you want to speak with and in what order. You can walk around the employer to understand his mind-set and also to grasp his way of thinking and working. Try taking a mini interview by standing just 6 feet away from the employer and just listen to their discussions. Follow their instructions. Just after the interview at the job fair, keep looking the employer and seek his free time to just thank him for the time he provided to you, remember that he has 50-500 resumes but he may remember you if he recognizes you.

After your visit to the job fair, you need to keep in touch with all the employers you have talked with. Try with sending them a thank you note at least twice in a week to remind them of yourself. These tips work easily when you are employed from an area where mass employment is covered.

Job fairs are set only for employment and making healthy relations with the company. You should visit a job fair whenever possible, it’s like a fair where you find opportunities. Never underestimate it like you won’t find a job which don’t meets your qualities or capabilities. These job fairs are intended for a purpose of choosing candidate who are full of skills and qualities. Make sure that you get the best opportunity amongst many. Strive for the best and claim yourself to be a better candidate.

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