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Thala Ajith Kumar who was born on 1st May 1971 is an actor by profession and works in Tamil cinemas. In addition to acting this man also participated in British Formula 3 season as a Formula Two racer and was ranked the 3rd best motor car driver in India. In order to promote self-hygiene, he opened an organization named as “Mohin-Mani” in the name of his parents.

Ajith Kumar
Ajith Kumar
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The Love from Community

People love Ajith, not for his skin or color. At least not the straight young males – who are the largest his fans. Many are the huge fan of his. His are the only movies that I watch suspending all my judging tendencies.

These are various reasons for the admiration of Ajith. After all, he is the most famous actor of Tamil cinema after Rajini. He has been electrifying effect on his friends and fans. Few actors earn that quality. This is being the reason why you can watch the funniest and ridiculous movies. Now Ajith can lift even a movie with the storyline which is not discernable. Also, they don’t even need to put so much of efforts in this. The way he walks, he grooms up, his style sense, all just is so awesome. Now he resided at a great place in everyone’s heart, he was loved for his action and also for what he did for society.

The Career Work and Role

A dangerous villain he is. His movies are in so many shades that one fails to identify the best. Many of his movies didn’t work out well in box office, his decision to play a bad role in two consecutive movies shows the audience his guts. And he has done that throughout his career. After leaving the school earlier, Ajith was a bike mechanic which ignited him to the first job and certainly inspired him to become a great racer. As a commercial sales agent, Ajith has worked in a garment company. He was quite nice in marketing, it is known from some of his friends that he loved to talk and deal with people while showing and selling his product.

He knows how to overcome adversity, being the proud son of a Sindhi mother and a Literality father, Ajith had very little exposure to Tamil as a kid. That’s why he faced too many difficulties.

Ups & Downs: Part of Ajith’s Personal Life

Ajith, the actor was not offered too many lead roles during the starting of his career. However, being a true fighter, Ajith denied allowing adversity get the better of him. He is kind at heart, in 2000 Mr. Ajith tied the knot with popular actress Shalini. Interestingly, but she was a Christian, ‘Thala’ decided to get married just according to the traditions & customs of Hinduism as well as Christianity. This just added a filmi touch to their marriage and established Ajith. While he was dating his costar i.e. Shalini, their engagement made a topic for the discussion in the town. On 3rd January Shalini gave birth to Anoushka in Chennai and on 2nd March she gave birth to their son Aadvik.

Ajith has given Bollywood a glimpse of his style, it gave fans of Hindi cinema a good look at the recently created phenomena known as Ajith Kumar. Sharing big screen with Shah Rukh Khan, ‘Thala’ delivered a great performance and proved that was equally as charming and effective as the ‘Badshah’ himself. When he was tied to essay the lead role in the official remake of Rajinikanth’s movie ‘Billa’, which created quite a stir in the movie gossips. Many of them thought whether Ajith would be able to do justice to a role immortalized by the ‘Thalaivaa’ himself.

However, when the film came to theatres, Ajith’s critics were forced to eat humble pie. Vishnuvardhan directed, the gangster-thriller came with a big hit at the box office. Interestingly, the original ‘Billa’ was the remake of Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Don’.

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The Racing Career

Ajith became a famous name in the world of formula one racing. He has started competing for international racers in circuits of Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi. Ajith Kumar is one of the very few who got the chance to race in the international arena including Germany, Malaysia. The formula Maruti Championship which was held in India in 2002 has a pumped up Ajith’s career, although he got 4th rank he signed a contract for the inauguration and participation in Formula BMW Asia championship. After a six years roll, Kumar signed up for the 3rd season of car racing by participating in 2010 at FIA Formula two Championship. He also completed the final round of MRF racing series in Chennai.

Love of Fans for Ajith

Not only fans but other big celebs love Ajith. He is good not only at racing and acting but also at cooking. All you can say that he gives time to his friends, family, and fans too. That’s the reason for why is he loved always and will be. Arun Vijay says “Ajith is one of the sweetest people”. According to Arun, Ajith is only the star who shared a large ratio of the big screen with other actors and co-stars. Not only this, the politeness in his language made him loveable too. He talked and interacted with everyone from a spot boy to an actor, all went in the same ways. Lakshmi Menon said that it would a great chance for anyone to act or work with Ajith. She said that she like the way Ajith does anything and it can be seen specially when it comes to his hobbies like racing and acting or while cooking biriyani for his family and friends.

Compiling all in one it can be referred that he was charm of 90’s and most of his hard worked movies are still favourite to his fans. Moreover he has been a great man throughout his career and life. All about him is: He is himself!!!

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