How To Hypnotize A Person With Only Your Eyes


Hypnotize is some very old technique to control the mindset of any person. Hypnotize is a process of placing an individual into a specific mental state. By doing hypnotism, you can control the body and mind of any person according to your desires. This is an effective technique which gives the instant result to you and it never fails if you do it in the right manner. This does not require any types of spells like the Vashikaran. Vashikaran is similar to hypnotism to control the mind of any person, but methods are very difficult in Vashikaran. In hypnotism, you have to focus on inner power to hypnotize that particular person.


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One method of hypnotism is Direct Gaze method, a powerful technique that requires much concentration and this method use only eyes of the hypnotist. Before you hypnotize a person you need to do eye focusing exercises.

Eye Focusing Exercises

  1. Maintain eye contact for a long time without blinking your eyes. You can practice this by looking at yourself in a mirror and test yourself how long you can look into the mirror without blinking. This helps you maintain steady eye contact with another person during hypnosis.
  2. Practice your skill to focus with your eyes. You can do this at looking a close object like pen, pencil etc. Focus on the pencil by holding the pencil close to your face. Move your focus from pencil to another object that is far away, like a picture on the wall. Return to focusing again on the pencil. Continue this to improve focus flexibility.

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Hypnotizing with your Eyes

Before hypnotizing someone, ask that particular person for permission. It’s important that the person is a willing participant. If they do not want to be hypnotized it would be likely difficult to do hypnotism. Let the person sit in a comfortable position as they will likely become relaxed during the hypnosis. There is a chance to fall over if they are standing. Tell the person to concentrate on the spot underneath your right eye. Tell them not to look away as you speak to them. Look at them without blinking and start counting from one to five in a low voice. In between numbers tell the person that his/her eyes are drooping, his/her eyes are getting heavy and finally his/her eyes are closing. Repeat this passage to the person once his/her eyes are closed:

“You are in a pleasant state of hypnosis. There is nothing in the earth that will interrupt your pleasant state until I tell you to leave it. Listen to every word I say “.

Tell the person what you would like him/her to do. You can say anything you like him/her to do. Test the person that he/she is in a hypnotic state. Now you have hypnotic control over the person. Keep in mind that hypnotic control must be used responsibly and carefully. The person trusted you, so do not hurt them while they are under hypnosis.

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