How To Stop Smirking Or Laughing During A Serious Situation


They say laughing is a good exercise. But it can be sometimes disastrous too if you won’t react according to the situation. If you allow yourself to laugh at some serious situation, you may accidentally end up offending someone.

Laughing or Smirking

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Different Situations

It can happen with anyone. This behavior evokes due to nervousness or anxiety. It can also happen as one is not aware about how to react to a particular situation. Suddenly, a thought came into your mind and you laughed, but physically you were present at some serious kind of surrounding. Sometimes it can also happen that you are surrounded by people for a moment of silence when the Giggle Loop begins.

What You Can Do?

There are number of ways by which one can overcome or handle these situations. Here, I will tell you some good tips that will help you to get out from these kind of awkward situations.

1. Meditate

Surround yourself with serious thoughts. Try to be both physically and mentally present at the situation. Go into the situation that is not laughable. Remind yourself not to laugh until and unless others are laughing. Keep your mind thoughts free. Keep your mind update about what’s happening presently.

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2. Excuse Yourself

If you feel like you can utter a word that can be totally irrelevant then immediately excuse yourself from the group. Go to restroom and free yourself for a moment. Try to oppress your laugh before getting back.

3. Distraction

Distract yourself from the whole situation. For this you can start a multiplication table or reverse counting. Stabilize your thoughts. We were smiling as the joke is still in our head. So, try to self calm yourself by this method. You can also count forward too.

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4. Breath Control Method

Exhale and inhale very deeply. This will help you to get normal. Inhale very deeply using your mouth and exhale with help of your mouth. This technique truly works.

5. Pinch Yourself

Pinch yourself very tightly. This pain will help you to get rid of the joke. And then act according to the situation. It will just squeeze the laugh. You can also bite your lips and inner side of the cheek too.

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6. Widen Your Cheek

Try to pull your lips and cheek. This will exercise your jaw to release the tension. You can even also bite your tongue if the situation gets really bad.

7. Thinking

Think of something sad and depressing. So that you can also feel the pain. You can also cause uncomfortness to one who is speaking to you. So, think before laughing.

These are really some good effective ways. It is not easy to control yourself. But with practice one can master it.


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