How Nulled Themes And Plugins Can Destroy Your Blog?


When you discuss blogging, you cannot ignore WordPress because it’s undoubtedly the best blogging platform as it can be used for more convenience. A large number of free and Premium themes and plugins make the life of an inexperienced blogger much easier. Using them you can transform your simple basic blog into a Professional Website. It means, there is no need to know Html, CSS, JavaScript or Jquery for creating an attractive WordPress Blog. That is probably the reason why many people are using self-hosted WordPress blog even as their business website. Since last few years, it has been noticed that there is a remarkable increase in the number of self-hosted WordPress users.

How Nulled Themes And Plugins Can Destroy Your Blog

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What’s a Nulled Script?

Nulled scripts, themes or plugins, are the scripts which have removed author copy protection.

So, are they bad for your site?

If you look at the legal terms of WordPress, it’s not legal to have nulled theme or plugin on your site, and you could easily get into trouble for that if someone realizes that you are making money with their nulled script. But it’s not about getting sued all you need to care is about the quality of your site. They are not ‘bad’ if they do not have any malicious codes inside, but if they have such stuff, they could be really bad for your site and your content.

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How Hacked WordPress Themes Harms your Blog?

It’s quite obvious among people using WordPress are aware of Premium and Free WordPress themes along with their advantages and disadvantages. You can easily find any free and Premium WordPress theme on torrent or warez site. Many novice bloggers, don’t even realize that this hacked WordPress themes slowly start affecting the blog, as many of them contain encrypted links, code.  In this post, we will look into some of the potential drawbacks of using hacked WordPress themes while running a blog.

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Some potential drawback of using hacked WordPress themes:

When we start our blogging experience, we have dreams to earn a lot of money from our blog. It is only possible if the blog is made with hard work and follows a full proof strategy. Pirated copies of premium WordPress themes like Woo, Elegant, StudioPress, and WP-Now are easily available on many websites and these can be very easily downloaded. An ignorant person is delighted after getting top class premium themes free of cost but he/she doesn’t know the harsh reality of these free copies of themes:

  • The Theme companies may take legal action against you.
  • Your web host may suspend or close your hosting account.
  • Your WordPress may get illegally controlled by a hacker and your blog will show unknown advertisements on them.
  • Your blog may be controlled by a hidden administrator without your permission.
  • Your blog may be completely stolen from you.
  • The anti-virus and anti-spyware software can block access of users to your blog and there will be a reduction in views of your posts.
  • Google and other search engines may flag your blog as a harmful website.

Google and other search engines may remove your website from their index permanently.

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