Fishing Hacks And Techniques That Will Make You A Better Angler


Even experienced anglers can’t say that they know everything and they could benefit from the following fishing hacks and techniques just like anyone else. Your overall experience when you go fishing will improve, and you’ll be able to take more fish home with you.

Fishing Hacks

Use marshmallows to help the lure float better

An excellent hack that will definitely improve your rate of success is this. If you are frustrated over how easy it is for your baits to snag and you want them to float better, get some marshmallows from the store and hang them into your hooks before putting the bait in place.

If the marshmallows are too large, consider breaking them into smaller parts, as they will work anyone. Should you notice that fish bite more often than usual when you use this trick, there’s an explanation for it. Fish like sweet foods and the marshmallows you use will draw them in even more than your baits.

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Make a new line behave with this hot water trick

One reason beginners, but not only them, maybe displeased with how the new line they just bought behaves is that there is no line memory to count on. Therefore, the line tends to become unspooled when you least expect it.

To get rid of this annoyance, here is a trick you can try. Put the reel with the new line spooled around it under hot water. The line will soften a bit, and, when you use it, it is already cooled down in the new spooled shape, thus creating the necessary line memory to prevent tangling.

Don’t let the drag on your reel become worn out when in storage

It doesn’t matter if you use a reel for bass or trout, the same rule goes for all of them. When you place your fishing gear in storage, make sure that you don’t let the drag system under pressure as that causes it to wear out in time. That can make your reel underperform when you want to use it again.

How to make bait on the spot?

You may be well prepared to face any situation and have plenty of bait with you, but there can be situations when it runs out. What you should know is that some predatory fish are cannibals, and that means that they would eat their own kind given a chance.

For instance, if you’re out on the water, fishing for perch, and your bait is no more, you can use the eyes from a perch you already caught to improvise bait that will have more perch bite. In case you’re wondering why the eyes work as bait, it appears that perch like eyeballs more than anything else.

Due to this reason, there are even commercial baits modeled to resemble fish eyes. You can always try out this fishing hack to catch more fish when you’re out of bait.

Make your baits more appealing

There are certain things that fish like more than others, and anglers are always on the lookout for tricks to have a fish bite. When the fish in an area doesn’t seem keen on biting anymore, you can get a little creative with your baits.

One idea is to use a red marker to paint a bait so that it looks like it is bleeding. For many fish, that would be a great stimulant, and you will be surprised with the changes in their behavior that occur due to such a simple trick.

Also, in case you have a bunch of broken baits that you see no use for, don’t hurry to throw them all away. Instead, take broken parts and attach them to others that are working. Fish tend to get used to how baits look and tell they are artificial if you use them too much in the same area. The more appealing your baits look, the better the chances to catch more fish.

Use nail clippers to cut your line

While it may be true that specialized tools are the most indicated, especially a pair of clippers for cutting the line, or scissors, here is a quick trick that will help you have the right tool at your fingertips. Have a pair of nail clippers hanging from a neck strap. This way, in case you happen to be away from the tackle box, you can still quickly cut the line.

Find the right information using your smartphone

If you go fishing in an area for the first time, it is a good idea to become more informed on what you can do to catch more fish in the area. A good idea is, of course, to visit the tackle shops in the area and get your information from there.

Other anglers are a good source of information, as well. But, today, you should harness the technology we have at our disposal so that you can learn what you need to know. Many anglers use social media today, and just checking groups and blogs on the Internet, could give you plenty of hints about how to maximize your success when you’re in a specific area.

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Prevent bait colors to bleed into each other with pill pouches

Even if you have a tackle box and everything well organized, some things must be kept separated from the rest. It is the case of plastic baits that could easily bleed colors into each other if not treated carefully.

Have a handful of small pill pouches with you, and put each bait into a different one. This way, you will not have to worry about such issues, and you’ll be able to grab the bait you want without having to search for it through the entire tackle box.

Protect your spinning reel with this easy tip

When you turn the handle on a spinning reel, the bail wire will close. That happens every time you cast, and this automatic process applies pressure on the reel, making it wear out with time. To avoid this, professional anglers recommend flipping the bail manually after each cast.


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