6 Money Saving Hacks for Buying a Drone


Drones are becoming by the day the best alternative to great aerial photography and filming. The fact of the matter is that they don’t come cheap. They are however becoming a should have item for anyone looking to do any form of documentation and taking cool pictures for you, your friends and relatives. This does not make it entirely possible to purchase one if you know how to get the best value for your money.

6 Money Saving Hacks for Buying a Drone

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Use Coupons

One of the best ways to cut down these prices is by using coupons from GiveMeDeals. These allow you to get discounts on the items when you buy from online. Coupons can be found on other websites other than the official ones if you know how to search for them. You can an also sign up on the official sites for newsletters which more than often come with coupons. Leaving items in the cart also attracts coupons as the retailers look forward to closing deals and will use any means necessary. Coupons will slash off a certain percentage of the original cost making it more affordable. You also have the option of combining coupons if you want to cut the prices further. One of the latest tricks is to supply the retailer with more than one email for the newsletters. These coupons are sent to each of those emails allowing you to enjoy more discounts for your items.

Use Cash Backs

One of the most efficient ways to cut back on prices is by using cash returns. Credit card companies allow users to get cutbacks by giving them back a certain percentage of the money on items as long as they use the credit cards. Cash backs are redeemed in some ways including cheques, PayPal or having the money reused on the same credit card. These amounts can be huge especially when you make frequent purchases on expensive items. Cash backs need patience as some take as long as a year to redeem. They are still way better than having nothing at the end of the day.

Take Advantage of Sales

It is common to have sales both in stores and online. Sales will usually come with significant discounts which are a great way to buy drones. Taking advantage of seasons such as Black Friday ensures that you get what you need at a much lower price. Sales can be tracked both online and at your local electronic stores. This means that you have to be on the lookout to ensure that you do not miss. Being a loyal customer by signing up for loyalty points puts you in a position to enjoy promotions from stores that sell these drones.

Try Second-hand Sites

Second-hand sites will more than often come with electronics that can be of real value to you. There are high chances that you may find drones in these sales at a much lower price. Checking websites that sell second-hand items will also save you the hustle. Second and items will more often than cost half the price of the original which is a great thing as long as they are fully functional. Ensure that you test them at this point to make sure that you are not shortchanged. If you are lucky, you will find those that have rarely been used in pawn shops and the like.

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Comparison Sites

Comparison sites are an excellent way to ensure that you save money on drones. Different sites will present different prices when it comes to drones. This also means that there is a likely hood of landing on some selling the same item very cheaply. There are many apps and sites today that provide price comparison from various platforms to enable you to make the best choice. These also provide you with their relevant information to ensure that the quality of the drone you are picking is exactly what you need. The best way to save is not only when using lesser cash but when buying the best for a good price. This means that your drone will last and the possibility of a resale later is high.

Buy in Privacy

Try to make all your purchases in privacy. Opening up your URLs to every retailer allows them to check out your cookies. The cookies indicate your buying patterns as well as how much you are willing to pay for an item. It is unwise to assume that every customer sees the same pricing when it comes to e-commerce. Many retailers nowadays use systems that check the market and retailing trends to provide pricing to the buyer. Keeping them in the dark also allows you to get the best prices as they will have no idea what your bargaining power is.


Drones are expensive and getting the best pricing is crucial. Ensure that you do the best of research before embarking on buying one both to get the best price and quality.

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