How To Detect Mold and When to Hire a Professional?


Mold is a serious problem that can pose some nasty health risks, so make sure you are aware of the fact that mold can potentially develop in your home. If your roof has ever had a leak, there may be some sort of mold in your house. Mold and mildew develop when darkness and moisture are present, which can easily happen if you have had any sort of leak. If you have a leak in your piping, you can also wind up with mold in the walls of your home.

How To Detect Mold and When to Hire a Professional

There are a ton of ways that a mold problem can develop, so make sure you understand that this is a potential hazard. When it comes to searching for and identifying a mold problem, there are a handful of things you can try. If you notice any sort or discoloration on your walls, this may be an indicator that you have a mold issue.

Mold is also going to give off a musty smell, so you may have some mold if you run into a weird smell in your home. There are testing kits that can be utilized, where you can take a swab of a certain area that you think may be developing mold.

There are also air testing kits that test the actual spores that are present in the air of your home. These kits cost quite a bit of money, so you can expect to spend hundreds of dollars if you decide to go this route.

Utilizing a Professional

While you can always attempt to test your home for mold on your own, it is always going to be preferential to hire a professional mold removal company. A mold removal company will not leave anything up to question, so you will know for a fact whether or not you have a mold problem. If you do have mold in your home, the mold removal company can eradicate the problem from your home.

Failing to detect a mold problem can pose health risks to anyone that is living in a home, so being aware of this as a hazard is very important. If anyone in your family has a compromised immune system or breathing problems, it is even more essential to get your home tested for mold.

Hiring the Best

When it comes to hiring a mold removal company, make sure you have done your proper research. There are a ton of mold removal businesses that claim they have the capability to remove one hundred percent of mold in a home. This is absolutely false, based on the fact that there are always going to be some sort of mold spores present in a home. Mold remediation is a better term because these mold removal companies are essentially lowering the mold in a home to levels that are considered safe.

If you talk to a mold removal company who tells you they will remove all of the molds in your home, there is a decent chance they are not an honest company. If you happen to be in the Lake Zurich area, a great company to consider is Aloha Restoration. They are a reputable company that offers remodeling and repair services, so make sure you think of giving them a call if your home is in need of repair.

Along with mold remediation services, they also restore and repair homes that have suffered water and fire damage. Mold is a serious issue that can wreak havoc on a home and the individuals that are living inside, so be aware of the potential problem and call a professional if you think your home has been compromised by mold.


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