How To Register Online Complaint With Cyber Cell Of Police?


The criminal activity of interrupting, altering or making changes to someone’s private document or breaking into their security to get some data is a digital crime or cyber-crime. These days most of us unaware of the fact that these crimes are not only banned but the government is also taking strict actions against the hackers and web developers who do this. Criminal Investigation Department has set up their cyber-crime cells in their branches to tackle these situations of cyber-attacks. Moreover, the Information Technology Act of India states out that whenever cyber-crime is done, it has a global jurisdiction. There are certain steps to be followed to file a case and get yourself protected.

How To Register Online Complaint With Cyber Cell Of Police

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You need to provide your name, e-mail and telephone number and credentials (in some cases) to the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell while filing a case. In some cases, one must provide some technical information which may vary from person to person. Here are some important information you need to provide if you are hacked:

  • Time logs
  • Server Logs
  • A copy or image of the website in soft copy or hard copy format, if victim’s website has defected. If data is malfunctioned on victim’s server device or any other network equipment or a server on remote location then a soft copy of original data and soft copy of compromised data is to be provided on the hands.
  • Access control: who had control of the system at the time of the act.
  • List of suspects if the victim is suspecting anyone.
  • Information & answers to following questions if asked:
  • What is disturbed or malfunctioned?
  • Who can be the possible person?
  • At what time was the system malfunctioned?
  • For what purpose was the system attacked?
  • What type of data is affected and from where?
  • What number of devices are affected and by which data is compromised on them?

In case of e-mail abuse, vulgar e-mail or an email which is harassing or threatening anyone then the following information should be provided:

  • The extended headers of offending e-mail and
  • The offending e-mail from

You can file the complaint from any cyber cell of any of the cities and also send a direct email to Cyber Cell Police Station.

Well, you can save yourself from all these attacks by following the simple guideline:

  1. Never share your login credentials with anyone.
  2. Stay on your device, don’t log in from other devices until you own them or until it’s necessary.
  3. Try to use incognito mode and log out of other devices when you leave.

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