Tuneskit DRM Audio Converter for Window 10 PC And Laptop


There are many converters in the market today, but none of them can deliver perfect results. You have to compromise here and there, which ends up getting your audio in lower quality, audio file size increases, and more.

It’s just not a converter but also in the DRM removal software, where you have to compromise on quality and other factors. Many DRM Media Converter does not have necessary elements, which gives us the results we need, but not anymore.

Tuneskit DRM Audio Converter for Windows OS

Tuneskit Audio Converter for Win is available in the market, which helps the Windows users to convert the DRM Audio without any compromise.

If you are worried about the Mac version, then do not worry because iTunes DRM Audio converter for Windows supported.

iTunes DRM Audio Converter is currently offering trial-version, which helps you to download and use the software for a certain period without purchasing it. You can give it a shot and learn more about the Windows Audio Converter.

Download iTunes DRM Audio Converter

DRM Audio Manager

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The Installation process is also easy.

DRM interface

There are many features come with the DRM Windows Audio Converter. But you need to learn about its features first.


One-click DRM Removal Software – We have so many software out there that does come with flaws, but iTunes DRM Audio converter for Windows removes Apple copyright files, then you will be able to use it the way you want to use it. Not only that it also removes iTunes M4P and Audiobooks in few steps.

DRM interface folder

Convert DRM Video & Audio and Non-DRM Files – If you are wondering why do you have to download any other software to convert non-DRM files, then you are right. You no longer have to buy or download any Windows Audio Converter when you have Tuneskit Audio Converter for Windows. In simple words, you can remove DRM video or convert DRM video to any file format.

DRM interface loading

Not only that you can also convert any non-DRM files to any other format.

File Formats – If you are someone who has a specific format to convert, then you must know which format does the Tuneskit Audio Converter for Windows support.

DRM file formats

The iTunes DRM Audio converter for Windows can covert DRM-ED Audios to MP3, AAC, WAV, M4V, M4B, and FLAC. So, you don’t have to worry about converting any file to other formats.

Customization & Small Segments – DRM Media Converter and DRM removal software have different settings, but Tuneskit Audio Converter for Windows comes with many settings that will change the way you were thinking about it.

DRM Customization & Small Segments

You can convert larger files, or you can split them to make it smaller in the software itself. No extra load does not happen on your PC for smoother conversion.

Download DRM removal software


As we have mentioned that the iTunes DRM Audio Converter comes with a free trial, you should it give it a shot, but make sure you have the latest iTunes installed on your Windows PC or Laptop, else it won’t functions.

The software file size is only 16MB, so you don’t need to worry about heavy softwares. Let us know how things went on your side in the comment section.

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  1. You said “The software file size is only 16MB” well. thats the installer, on my Windows 7 machine the install size for the trial version is just below 60MB 😉


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