Tips For Using Flea Control Products


In case your house face flea problem, applying flea fogger is the best way to get rid of this problem. Flea invasions are actually difficult to dispose of. This is not rare to find fleas days or weeks subsequently using flea control product at your house. Flea fogger releases insect killer containing fog. It is applied to control flea invasion. This thing is also known as flea bombs. Fleas have a very tough shell. Flea foggers are used as a substitute for professional insect control service.

Tips For Using Flea Control Products

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There are five major chemical compounds effective or controlling flea manifestations. These compounds are Nylar, Methroprene, Cypermethrin, Tetramethrin, and Permethrin. Every flea fogger must contain one of these compounds.

Before applying flea fogger, some fact should be taken care of very cautiously. Here, in this article, we tried to provide information about those facts.

Preparation for applying Fogger

Some preparation should be made before applying fogger. They are:

  • Measure the area and decide the amount of fogger to be used. Don’t use extra fogger than the requirement, this could be dangerous.
  • Take your pet, fish tank, any ornamental plant out of the treatment place.
  • Cover your furniture up.
  • Expose drawer, cupboard, and any other hidden places where fleas could hide.
  • Close all windows and doors of the treatment area.
  • Keep your family member and yourself out of the area for the whole treatment time.
  • Choose the best quality flea control product.

Steps to applying fogger

  • Read out the guidelines of the fogger very carefully.
  • Measure the quantity required for treating the entire area with the flea infestation.
  • Cover your face with a cover then shake the canister very well.
  • Then the release of regulator of the can very sturdily. This is actually necessary. If not then the fogger will discontinue in the middle of the spraying activity.
  • Begin fogging with the utmost corner of the place then apply the chemical.
  • When the can is discharged entirely, get a move on to the gate and close this firmly.
  • Leave the place for up to 8 or 9 hours.

Fogging Termination

  • When you get back the house after treatment, open every single door and window. Start on every fan in order to extinguish any remaining gases. Discard all bare spray cans.
  • Then wipe, and wash the ground, storerooms as well as cupboards, carefully in order to eliminate any kind of marks of the fogging.
  • Never vacuum the rugs and draperies instantly since they can yet be a hiding place for eggs or larvae of a flea.
  • After an hour of unlocking plus cleaning the place, pets, plants can be brought back to the house.
  • Around two days of fogging, you can vacuum rugs plus curtains in order to eliminate every single dead offspring as well as larvae.
  • Re-use the fogger per two months in order to solve flea infestation forever.
  • Wash away your animal’s bedding very carefully.

You also can use Organic and Natural Flea foggers

You can check for the best flea fogger in the market for the best performance. Not only the chemical but a number of essential oils like peppermint oil, clove oil, citrus oils in addition to many other oils are able to eliminate fleas as soon as they come in contact with. Clove oil is very useful. It holds the active component eugenol. As stated by the Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service, this active agent “has a quick action on contact with the nsect. This pesticide is very useful on a varied range of indoor bugs for example ants, dust mites, wasps, spiders,  cockroaches, flies, crickets, as well as fleas”.

A lot of people with flea problem make use of organic flea control products. Among those products are ground Safer Brand Diatomaceous Earth. Fleas are unable to survive this. And this is very effective. According to researchers Diatomaceous Earth is an excellent natural flea pesticide.

With the intention of eliminating every single flea rom your house, you should deal with your house plus yard all over again. Use fogger again 3 to 4 weeks later the primary treatment. Carefully make your house clean. Cleaning and vacuuming your house after fogging is an extremely significant stage to get rid of a flea problem.

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