What is VPN – Everything You Need to Know about VPN


The hot topic in the search list on the internet is VPN. Almost every guy who is known about the internet and also sensitive about security and privacy at least one-time search about VPN. There are some questions arise in our mind when we hear about VPN. Most of the people think VPN is an easy way to protect the security and privacy. This line is a bit true. We care about our readers. That’s why we researched on VPN. The result is in this article we will tell you about every single and complete information you need to know about VPN. Read the full article such that there will be no chance to miss even a bit of information.

Virtual Private Network

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What is VPN?

So the first question arises in our mind is What is VPN? The answer is simple. VPN or you can say Virtual Private Network is like a service through which you can make your internet connection more secure and you also get more controls on your internet activity which can be tracked. A VPN service works behind the scenes which will create a more secure encrypted connection between the server and your computer.

A VPN generates privacy which will protect your identity and also secure your data and computer. By using encryption of traffic, protocols of virtual tunneling, availability of maintained connections a virtual point-to-point connection can be created which is known as Virtual Private Network.

How VPN Works?

Virtual Private Network is like a tunnel. In that tunnel, all data can be transmitted securely through over the internet between your non-profit server and your computer and the data which travels through this tunnel is fully encrypted. In order to get turned with VPN service a special type of software is being used which is commonly known as VPN Client. Looking for some more? The website EarthWeb walks through some interactive examples you can follow.

Here the main point comes to know the difference between a VPN server and Proxy server. Both types of servers are commonly known as a safeguard to your privacy. However, they are different when we look at them. A Proxy server is the main part when it comes to surf the internet by obfuscating user’s identity which allows a user to surf the internet without any restrictions while a virtual private network server can do all that same as the proxy server but also configure your identity as you are surfing the internet from a different country. However, the virtual private network also makes your data transmit more secure between two points of connection.

Virtual private network considers two main things while maintaining your privacy. The first thing is the actual IP address of your computer is hidden by VPN server. The actual IP address of your computer got replaced with randomly assigned IP address by your virtual private network. And the second main thing is all the data or you can say traffic sent through a tunnel which no one can access that means all your data will be completely secured.

When you are connected with a VPN client, sites which you visit will know that you are from VPN but because you are like just a random IP address they will not be able to create a complete picture of your online activity on the internet and also not able to calculate your accurate location.

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How to Use a Virtual Private Network?

The main work of VPN is to make your internet connectivity more secure and private. First thing for privacy and security is don’t let your installed browsers calculate your accurate location. Whether you are using VPN or not. But the restriction of location access to browsers is the first step towards more security and privacy. For that, you can manually configure your browser’s settings. In settings, just click on do not allow any site to track my physical location. After that, any site you visit will not able to access your location.

However, you can also stop location access by using your ISP’s DNS servers because your DNS requests can be easily tracked. Another method is to download and use a browser extension. Whenever a site request for location access it will provide an incorrect location of yours. Apart from that, you can choose Open DNS instead of DNS entries in network configuration and you may also sign up to a virtual private network service which will make your internet activity secure. Once you are all setup you are using a virtual private network service.

Now you can run a test to know that VPN service is working good. Here we face a quickest and fastest test. Open a browser, click on Google. In Google search, type “what is my IP address” and click on enter. Here Google will show you a current public or external IP address of yours. If that is matching will your VPN server’s IP address range then everything is going good but if it shows you actual IP Address of yours then this is a sign that VPN service is not set up well.

Here the important thing to do before sign up for a VPN service is to completely and carefully read the EULA.

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Best of the VPN service

When it comes to a topic of having a good virtual private network service on your Android device, the most common recommendation is the Express VPN Service. This is not much expensive as it cost around $8.32 per month included in a yearly package. Express VPN is known to be the best Android VPN app available on Google Play Store.


Express VPN service is available for all major platforms Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS. The Express VPN allows users to get the minimum of 6 MB per second speed while on a desktop computer. Apart from the speed it also promises to provide more privacy and security of your internet activity, your internet logs, and data. Such that all your Internet activity logs get mixed up with other users’ activity logs making it impossible to track ones. Here’s also some Best free and paid VPN services.

Express VPN also feature unlimited bandwidth, high speed, an SSL-secured network with 256-bit encryption and much more. Currently, Express VPN is serving in more than 78 countries including major countries. So your device’s IP address will be exchanged with a random one when you are online.

We personally recommend you to take advantage of their 30 days money back guarantee. However, if you liked the service you can go for a yearly package of $8.32 per month. The 24/7 customer support of Express VPN is like a heaven. However, you can also look for other VPN services and comment below if you know any other best VPN service than Express VPN.

Comment below guys what you think about virtual private networks and also tell us which VPN client are you using that is more trustable and let us know if you have any questions. We are here for you guys. Have Fun!!!

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