Top 5 Famous Companies in Bangalore


Bangalore is nicknamed as “Silicon Valley” of India. The name itself states that it is a hub for many companies. Among these companies the top 5 famous companies in Bangalore are stated below:

  • Microsoft
  • Sony Corporation
  • Accenture
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Apple Inc.

Top 5 Famous Companies in Bangalore

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These are the top most trending Companies in Bangalore. Looking into each company, there is a lot of competition going on with these companies. Not only these companies compete with each other, there are many companies yet which are also competing with these companies to raise their place among the people. Some of the famous companies that people think in Bangalore are the following.


Looking in to name, everyone realizes that it has a lot of backgrounds. The founders of this tech giant are “Bill Gates” and “Paul Allen”. The Microsoft has a complete income, generated by Microsoft Corporation is about 93.58 billion USD. This company based in Washington, the USA with operations covering every corner of the world. It has 97,000 employees working around globally. Nowadays almost all the people use the products of this company. Microsoft had released many software updates like windows8, 8.1, 10 and also many new products in a very little span of time.


One of the most recognized brand names in the world today. This company has a turnover of around 8.105 trillion JPY with employees of around 146,000 to 150,000 working globally in different parts of the world. The founders of this company are “Masaru Ibuka” and “Akio Morita” these are the ones who founded this organization in the year 1946. The companies head office is in Tokyo Japan and it functions in other parts of the world. In a span of 19 years, Sony India has exemplified the quest for excellence in the world of digital lifestyle becoming the country’s foremost consumer electronics brand.


It is one of the huge IT companies in Bangalore. It has revenue of around 29 to 30 billion. The number of employees works in this company is around 2,75,000 to 3,00,000 and the salary for these people is around 6 lacks to 18 lacks. This company is been founded by “Clarence De lany” and “Arthue E. Andersen”. Headquarters of this company is present in Dublin, Ireland. This company also provides the worldwide services.


This is one of the leading companies with the revenue of about 76.27 billion USD. The founders of this company are “William Procter” and “James Gamble”. It is one of the core companies having the core business such as foods, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. The company is located in Ohio, the USA with units in different parts of the world.


This is one of the famous company which is been founded by the college dropout. This person had a great feeling in him that he could do something for this nation. The great person who founded this company is “Steve Jobs” in the year 1977. The total income earned by this company is approximately 233.7 billion USD and it is still pilling up. It is based in the golden state of California, USA and it has units around the world in 50 different countries. The total work strength of Apple Inc. is over 80,000 in different parts of the world.

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