Top US Politicians Facing Sexual Scandals In 2017


Was 2017 the Year of Sexual Scandals Among High-Profile Politicians?

Monica Lewinsky is one of the biggest names that bring the memories of one of America’s biggest and most embarrassing sexual scandals to ever rock the White House in the recent past. The scandal was so grave that it almost led to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. But Bill is not alone in the game since other politicians across the entire political divide have also found their names I the list of shame. It should also be remembered that even Donald Trump has faced the same scandals with women coming out to accuse him of molesting them sexually when he was still running his famous The Apprentice Show. The only difference between him and Clinton is that his accusers are raising past misconduct while Clinton’s case was “live,” happening during his tenure at the Oval Office.

US Politicians Sexual Scandals 2017
US Politicians Sexual Scandals 2017
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However, our experts at do my essay for me view the year 2017 as one of the biggest seasons of sexual scandals rocking highprofile political figures in the US. This wave of scandals has led several politicians to resign while others have lost elections. Also, we have seen investigations into the conduct of these politicians from the Democrat and Republican wings. In our coverage, we bring you the list of politicians caught in the web of sex scandals.

John Conyers

The first on our list of politicians is John Conyers. In this case, some six women have come out claiming that the Republican politician harassed them sexually. They accuse him of harassing and touching them indecently. But as expected of all politicians, he has come out and done the obvious—deny the aspersions. However, the veteran politician, who made his debut in elective politics 53 years ago, retired on December 5. At the time he was retiring, he has already groomed his younger son John Conyers to inherit his legacy even though it is not clear whether the 27year old will run on his dad’s seat.

Blake Farenthold                                               

Next on our list is Blake, a Republican from Texas who is also facing the same scandals that are falling down his colleagues in the red and blue parties respectively. Due to the gravity of the sexual harassment scandals facing him, his colleagues are prevailing upon him not to run for elections again. According to Paul Ryan, the House speaker, the politician is considering retirement because the unacceptable behaviour with which he has been accused. This revelation follows the announcement by the House Ethics Committee early December that it will cast its net wider to investigate the sexual accusations levelled against the politician. The committee had indicated that it was considering investigating if there is any truth in the accusations that he molested one of his staff members and victimized her for blowing the whistle. It is also planning to investigate claims that he made some indecent comments about other female workers on his team.

Lauren Greene is one of the women who is accusing the congress member who molested and sacked her when she complained about it. She alleges he made her working conditions unbearable in retaliation to her complaints. However, the congressman denies the charges claiming he was cleared in the settlement of the case in 2015.

The politician said he is confident when the “facts” come out, the matter will be settled conclusively. He further says that the investigating committee is happy with the way he has cooperated with it blaming the delay of the committee’s decision on the lack of live testimonies from other witnesses. He also lauds the investigation for offering the public the “transparency” it deserves.

Al Franken

The web does not entangle Republicans only. Democrat Senator Al Franken is another highprofile politician on the list of sexual scandals that have rocked politicians this year. His case is even graver since eight women are accusing him of harassing them sexually. They accuse him of kissing them forcefully, groping, and making sexual moves on them. One of the accusers is a Los Angeles radio anchor who claims that the former comedian kissed her by force in 2006 before entering a political office three years later. The senator is now under investigations from the Senate Ethics Committee with many of his blue party colleagues urging him to resign. Later on, he came out apologizing and promised to step down in a few weeks’ time.

Trent Franks

The Arizona representative has already resigned early this December following claims he pressured his assistant to carry his child in exchange for $5 million. He confesses that he discussed surrogacy with two of his staff members, a move that irritated some persons.

Ruben Kihuen

Ruben, a debutant congressman from Nevada is also facing charges of making sexual moves on his assistant during last year’s campaigns. She claims that in two separate instances, the congressman touched her thighs and booked her for sex despite having objected to his moves. Surprisingly, the politician has come out “apologizing” for making her feel uncomfortable while at the same time claiming he “does not remember” any of the cases the lady is referring to. He is also under pressure from his fellow Democrats to resign with another unnamed woman also claiming the lawmaker touched her buttocks and thighs besides sending her explicit SMSs.

Roy Moore

Roy, a former judge who also contested in the recently concluded special election in Alabama, is also facing sexual assault charges. The Republican man is facing charges of engaging in indecent sexual engagements with teenage girls when he was still a young man in his 30’s. This revelation came to the public just a month before the just concluded election in Alabama. Following that revelation, more women have come out alleging that he molested them sexually. But as expected, the politician has also rubbished the claims, and using his boss’s language at the Oval Office, he termed the allegations as “the definition of fake news.” Despite his fellow Republicans urging him to resign, his boss, Donald Trump, stands with him the accusations notwithstanding.

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