5 Tips To Write Better Blog Content To Rank Higher In Google


If you are looking forward to being a better blog writer and ranking higher in google then you have come to the right place. 

Below we will be discussing the tips that will help you to write better blog content and at the same time rank higher in Google. 

Certain things should be considered if you want to be a better blog content writer. SEO writing is a skill that is essential for all blog content writers for the best results. ranking high in google will ensure more traffic to your website.

SEO writing plays a vital role these days as it helps you to rank higher and have more visitors coming to your website. 

5 Tips To Write Better Blog Content Rank Higher In Google

A lot of the companies now outsource blog writing as several advantages are offering the best results. There are several ways you can ensure to rank higher in Google, some of which are mentioned below.

Use headings

One of the first tips that you should consider to rank high in google is by using headings to your benefit for the best results.

Good headers help the google web crawlers to understand your blog and make it rank higher in the google search engine. 

A crawler generally requires H1, H2, H3, and H4 topics that are further broken down into subheadings for the best results. this way your article will be discovered by thousands of viewers helping you to rank high.

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Include keywords in the meta description

If you are looking forward to increasing your reader base by ranking higher in the google search engine then it is advised to include keywords in the meta description for the best results. 

Adding meta descriptions to your post will help it to be exposed and getting more exposure is the only way to increase your reader base. To determine the search ranking, google crawlers look for effective meta descriptions. 

There are certain tips you can keep in mind for the best results. First of all, keep the meta description short and then use a single or two keywords at the most.

Besides, you will require to make your article compelling for readers to read and understand.

Do keyword research

One of the best tips to ensure you rank higher in the google search engine is by doing keyword research. Irrespective of what topic you are writing it is essential to first do keyword research for the best results. 

There are several keyword research tools that you can find online. Make use of these keywords tools and ensure you make the most for the best results.

Keyword research is essential for every writer if they are looking to increase their reader’s base by ranking higher in the Google search engine.

Linking with high authority websites

Another great tip to ensure you rank high on the google search engine is by linking your blog with high authority websites. 

Linking to reputable websites has several advantages. First, it offers the readers more variety which is remarkable and it also shows the search engine that the research done is appropriate offering the best results. 

Having research-backed statistics from influential websites allows you to shine and make the blog more visible to readers.

If your blogs are related and resemble the one you make authority links to the readers are going to relate to them and enjoy them a lot while reading. This way you will gain trust from your readers which is going to be very beneficial in the future.

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Optimize your content

One of the best ways to optimize your content is by using featured snippets. They are believed to be the best tools for direct answers to your search queries.

You can earn featured snippets on goggles by answering some basic questions sincerely. 

The H1 and H2 titles should resemble the search intent for the best results. ensure to use a part of the question to your answer to make more impression and deeper connections with your readers. 

Also start each sentence with an actionable verb such as select or click or watch.

These actionable verbs create more impact on the readers offering the best results.

The most important thing while wiring blog posts is to ensure you use keywords and arrange them accordingly in headings and subheadings.

Having a featured snippet gives you an added advantage which is remarkable.


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