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With the arrival of the 21st century and the age of digitization, we have integrated almost everything into our mobile device. From entertainments such as games and music to businesses such as stock options and cryptocurrency; our mobile phone is our gateway to our every need.

No aspect of our life is not affected by this digitization of everything. Whether we are paying for our dinner using Paytm and booking flight tickets using MakeMyTrip to even something as mundane as news viewing. Gone are the times of newspaper reading and news station channels. News viewing has undergone a huge change in the digitization of news.

Many major newspaper publications are citing a record lowest newspaper circulation and a huge drop in rating across news station channels.


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I would associate this depreciation with the shift in work habit of the general workforce. With growing emphasis on efficient time management and, therefore, a general lack of time; this has led to a growing number of the general public not reading the newspaper. And with the future expected to be even more hectic, this trend is expected to continue.

Nowadays, news apps are the way to go. Major publications are now creating their own news app in an attempt to capture and retain their brand users. BBC have their ‘BBC News’ app, CNN has ‘CNN Breaking US and World News’ and similarly, Fox News, Euro News and ABC all have their own news app. Similarly, in India, big-name news publications such as NDTV, ABP, Aaj Tak, TOI, all have their own news app.

With thousands of choices and new apps popping out every day, it is a fool’s errand to download and try them all.  As such, it becomes a big hassle to find the best news app. Well, worry not! I have done the research in your stead and am here to recommend a particular app to all of you.

AWESUMMLY Personalized  AWESUMMLY Listen News

Cue the drum roll: AWESUMMLY !!!

I know, just the name of the app itself sounds awesome (Sorry for the bad pun)

So, AWESUMMLY is a short news app that is based in Bengaluru, India. This short news app shortens all news articles into 60 words or less. This means that you get access to the latest news while not having to spend a huge amount of time reading them.


However, with a staff of only 10 members, Awesummly has no content editor in their team.

So then, how does AWESUMMLY shorten news articles?

Unlike other short news apps, Awesummly functions with no human content editors. This reduces the risk of man-made errors. The short news app features an AI summarisation algorithm that shortens all news articles into 60 words or less.

While other major news publications have their own sources, AWESUMMLY uses the RSS feeds. This means that the short news app collects all new and trending feeds from all major publications and publishes summarized snippets of the news article. This ensures you get verified news from all major publications with no constraints.


With a highly perspective AI, this short news app recognizes the kind of news that you read and personalizes all news content such that you get a personalized feed that caters to what you view as important.

Short news is further presented to you in a card format that is visually and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes while still being easy to read. The app also features English and multiple Indian language support such as Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and more.

Unlike normal newspapers and news station, Awesummly’s AI summarised articles to give you the exact news, the main gist without digressing or adding extra unneeded information and opinions. With the hectic rush that we are all demanded to be, this short news app is the perfect solution for all. Don’t compromise on staying updated with the latest happenings and events around the world, due to lack of time. Download Awesummly and stay updated while maintaining your hectic schedule.



I personally think that the short news app and its feature will be most appreciated by millennials and as a result, I think that AWESUMMLY is the uncrowned king of all news apps.

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