Bonk Be Live Review: The Next Big Thing In Live Streaming With AR And 3D Gifts


A number of applications are evolving in the app world every day. Many connect to the lives of the people and become an instant while some struggle to make a mark in people’s heart. But, the all new Bonk Be Live app developed Boink Live Streaming Limited is winning the heart of many people. This all new broadcasting application lets the users to broadcast them worldwide and earn make money during the live session. How this happens? We will cover this up in this post below. Go through it and learn more about this app.


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Bonk Be Live has created an aura in the hearts of people since its launch. The app is packed with some of the most revolutionary features that are hard to find in the apps of its types. The team of the best programmers is coding its Augmented Reality code and it will be implemented very soon. The app is presently available for Android and iOS device users in 100+ nations of the world.

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How popular is Bonk Be Live?

This stunning app has not only created a space in people’s heart, but more than 26 reputed tech companies in Silicon Valley have given it positive ratings and reviews. Its inventive advertising model and some of the resourceful features have compelled the reviewers to believe it a game changer in the broadcasting industry. It’s a win/win app for the broadcasters, advertisers, and the investors as well.

Most Powerful Features of Bonk Be Live  App:

Bonk Feature 1

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Bonk Be Live differs than many other apps of its type in terms of the unique features it offers to its users. Here are some of the best features of this app that makes it standout strongly in the race of being the best.

  • This application has been developed for the youth understanding their need to communicate with each other and make new friends.
  • It is well equipped with gaming elements engaging most of its users.
  • The broadcasters can even share the stream on Facebook or YouTube and reach more followers over social media.

Bonk Feature 2

  • Bonk Be Live is profitable for both broadcasters and advertisers. It gives earning opportunity to the broadcasters and provides a quality platform to the advertisers to promote their services/products.

Imagically – The all New Contract with Greg Gifford

A number of people who are in the marketing field must have heard the name of Greg Gifford. Bonk Be Live  have made him as the EVP of Corporate Development of US Operations. Imagically is basically a new contract for 30 million new users, 25 million USD in-capital, and Greg Gifford.

The major goal of Greg will be to increase the number of subscribers of the app and he will focus on ‘Subscriber Recruitment’. He is also given the responsibility of taking the app to number 1 position globally and is given 1 million USD follow-on capital for the same. With all the talent he has, he will make the app to top charts by starting of next year (2018).

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How to make Money with Bonk Be Live ?

Bonk Be Live  is the application for making money and having fun. Firstly, the broadcasters need to increase the number of followers and become a Bonkified user. Once the broadcaster reaches this position, he/she can run advertisements during the broadcast. He/she needs to read the advertisement for 30/60 seconds during the broadcast making $50 for each advertisement.

The broadcaster even gets $0.05 cents if any viewer clicks on the advertiser’s logo running in a carousel during the streaming. The amount earned can be received directly to your PayPal account or you can redeem it through the Bonk Be Live  Debit Card which is backed by MasterCard.

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How Bonk Be Live is a New Way for Digital Advertising?

Bonk Be Live  offers the best way to advertise the products to the advertiser. The broadcaster creates a call-to-action appealing to the users to buy the product/services. An advertiser can reach worldwide audience and get more conversions. A fully featured dashboard is given to the advertiser for monitoring the metrics.


Bonk Be Live  has emerged as a powerful application outraging all its competitors. It is one of the first apps of this kind that gives and earning opportunity to the user while they are going live to rest of the world on this app. The advertisers get direct benefit of the call-to-action made by the broadcasters during the live session, getting them more conversions. It is the must to try app for every user who is too much into social media.

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