SEO Trends To Keep Your Eye On For 2020


Why do you need to keep your Eyes on SEO trends for 2020?

The answer is simple. It will help in understanding the emerging marketing strategies that are most effective for your potential customers. People no longer prefer long-form content, instead, audio and video versions of content easily convey messages with less time investment. Users prefer simple forms of communication because their time is valuable and people are becoming even more impatient. Hence, it is important to pick up on these trends and capitalize on them.

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Keeping your content interesting to users is not easy. The tastes of the audience change much faster these days and there is more chance of wasting money on fruitless marketing efforts. In 2020 the success of a website would largely depend on the audience. Hence, it becomes vital to focus on user intent of keywords than ever before. Matching the keywords alone would not be enough but it should match the user intent too.

Top trends for 2020:

In the year 2020, the following would be the top SEO trends for marketing:

  1. Search intent: There are three types of search intent namely Navigational, Informational and Transactional. People search in Google to get information from the web. They also perform transactions like online purchases. Gone are the days where keywords were the most important part of the search. Web content in 2020 should be based on the search intent. Meta keywords are no longer important and low-quality SEO tactics won’t work moving forward.
  2. Videos: People prefer videos rather than reading paragraphs. Optimizing video content would become a trend in 2020. Short videos have shown to be incredibly effective, especially on platforms like Instagram. This will continue to be the case and will become more prominent in 2020.
  3. Voice search: Understanding voice commands and voice recognition would is a marketing strategy that is already becoming more popular. Research has proven that people find it easier to give voice commands even during the online purchase. The sale of digital assistants has peaked higher than ever before and will continue to grow. Optimizing voice search will be the biggest trend moving into 2020. Keywords must be identified accordingly and the content creators have to find intent in questions asked by the audience.
  4. Social media: In 2020 web streaming would dominate social media. Niche social networks will help in marketing directly to your potential customers. New social platforms will emerge and it will be important to get on them as soon as possible as advertising costs will be cheap.
  5. Grey Hat SEO Techniques: As the Google algorithm gets smarter, so too do SEO. They constantly need to be improving their skills and finding new techniques to beat Google. One of the most common techniques moving into 2020 will be the use of private blog networks, LaunchCDN has guides on how to build them safely and effectively.
  6. Trustworthiness: Availability of information is no longer a big deal. The audience is much worried about authenticity. An online business must focus on trustworthiness and might need appropriate badges and certification in their websites to establish this. This is also where Google’s algorithm is focusing with it’s latest E.A.T updates, focusing on trustworthy websites.
  7. Artificial intelligence: Content providers might need to battle with AI for SEO success in 2020. AI was associated only with research and science just a few years back. However, it looks like even digital marketing firms would need it in 2020.
  8. Strengthening Maps: Capturing even the minutest local details would be required in 2020. This might be the only way to help in capturing the ‘Near me’ traffic. This would trigger audience satisfaction and good reviews.
  9. Interactive Marketing: Interactive videos and contests will help in targeting more people to visit your site. The audience would demand more interactive content. Honoring them like uploading their success story videos would become a more popular trend.


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