Salt Hack For Preserving It From Moisture


Salt… the magical element occupies every kitchen in the world. Without salt most the food goes meaningless in taste. As it is extracted from the sea water it has many uses, benefits and also magic. People used to preserve it in a dispenser as it is used often in a day. Mostly we will find it in the dining table in many houses and restaurants.

salt dispenser

Is salt that much magical element? I would say yes because do you people really know it that it’s ready to adopt to whatever job given to it.


First let me tell u some uses, which you must really know

  • Improves the taste of your food
  • Natural alternative for sugar
  • Helps to cures diarrhea, fatigue, lower blood pressure
  • Used as Mouth wash to make your teeth strong and clean
  • It hardly removes most of the stains on the clothes
  • It’s a best treating agent for poison ivy
  • Used as a cleanser to make skin better especially for dry skin
  • Used as fertilizer
  • Wash vegetables in salt water to make it pure clean and it prevents browning of veggies and fruits etc…


Most important thing what I said before was salt is a magical element. It’s true that, salt never allows any negative energy to cross it? It actually makes the positive energy to reach you and send away the negative energy. So you get a positive vibration in your mind, souls and heart. So it can spread happiness around you fight out negativity.


Why this hack? Why to preserve it? Some information about salt:

Do you all know salt absorbs water moisture, if your answer is yes, then (why) is my next question??? It absorbs water moisture because it’s an ionic compound. That means it attracts high water molecules. It can absorb both liquid and vapor water and so it’s called as hydroscopic (substance attracts water molecules from the environment either by absorption or adsorption). Now can you say, is it important to preserve it or not. But as salt absorbs moisture due to which it becomes useless. And so we are in need of some ways to preserve it in the dispenser without going waste.

Salt Hack

If you really looking for it, Find some salt dispenser hacks here.

Two simple techniques help you to preserve it in the dispenser without going bad:

  • As you all know rice also absorbs moisture and it helps salt in the dispenser to last longer and prevents the moisture that would make salt go useless. So Sprinkle some rice inside the dispenser. When people use it, no need to worry as the size of the rice is larger than the dispenser hole. It has no way to come out. It only helps salt to be in its original state.
  • The second one, I heard it from some old people, which really work. Take a piece of cloth and take a peanut size tamarind and place inside the tiny cloth and tie up. Mix it along with the salt inside the dispenser.

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