How To Choose A Menstrual Cup That Suits For Your Period?


Who does not want to have a very convenient period? Of course, every woman is dreaming to have a carefree period, and that is precisely the reason why most women are so eager to buy a menstrual cup. Because it is the best menstrual product to use, especially if you are always on the go or having a very long day.

However, these consumers quickly buy a menstrual cup forgetting that there are a lot of choices available in the market. It is a common mistake for every woman that makes them choose the wrong product. Let me give you some tips on how to choose the best menstrual cup that suits you.

Know How High Does Your Cervix Sit?

It is a must that you know how to locate your cervix because the size of the cup will depend on how high or low it is. The position of your cervix changes from time to time, so it is better to check it during your period. There are two methods to check your cervix, knuckle measurement, and ruler measurement.

Knuckle measurement uses a  hand to measure. Before you do the measurement, it is essential to wash your hands then spread your labia and insert your middle finger slowly and take note which knuckle is closest to the opening of your vagina. The other way of measuring your cervix is using the ruler measurement which is more accurate. Measure your finger with the use of a ruler and mark it.

Know The Sizes Of A Menstrual Cup

When you already know the measurement of your cervix, now is the perfect time to understand what are the different sizes of a menstrual cup. For low cervix, you must use a small size of a cup, and it is shorter than the regular cup. If you have a medium cervix you can use any sizes you want but it is highly recommended to use the average size as a medium firm, and for high cervix, you may use a V-shaped cups that are easier to remove for sizes you may use medium or small.

Choose The Right Brand

There are two types of menstrual cups, which are the soft and firmer cup. You might choose the most expensive or famous brand; however, if it is not the right cup for you, it will cause leakage. Most women use firmer cups especially if they have substantial activities; however, if you have a sensitive bladder, then you might consider using a medium-firm type of menstrual cup like daisy cup that suits for most of the women. You may check more information about them by checking their website, which is Do not let the price and popularity of the brand dictate your choices. Choose the brand that offers exactly what you needed.

Determine Your Flow

To know how heavy your menstruation flow, try to check how many pads or tampons do you used in a day? Then try to compare the capacity of the usual pads or tampons you use with the capacity of the menstrual cup. Most of the tampons and menstrual cups have an absorbency rating so it won’t be hard to estimate the level of your flow. If the information is not available, then you have to trust your instinct, especially if you are using sanitary pads.

Choose According To Your Age

Sometimes the heaviness of your flow will depend on your age or experiences. You might want to consider your age in choosing a menstrual cup. For teens, you may start using small sizes of cups. Young adults ages 18-25 can go for size small as well and for the late twenties and beyond you will need a big cup.


Do not forget to think before you buy, always consider to know what you need before purchasing your cup. Prices may matter; however, you should always go for a brand that is durable, safe to use and can meet your menstrual needs. You may start from knowing the different types and sizes of a cup, how high your cervix, and how heavy your menstrual flow in a day.

Reading articles and hear some experiences from other people about a menstrual cup will also help you to decide but it is recommended to talk to your OB-gyn first before trying a cup. In that way, you will know if it is safe for you to use a cup or not. No matter what always choose the menstrual product that is good for you.


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