Recycle E-Waste to Save Gorillas


Electronics are among the best gifts that modern technology has presented to us. There’s no exaggeration when people consider their lives today as technologically-oriented. Today, most of the devices are monitored or controlled electronically.

However, just like any other equipment, electronics also tend to be non-functional after some time. Also, the increased rate of growth in the industry renders some devices obsolete. Now the question arises, what happens to these outdated tools? Electronic waste (e-waste) ranks among the fastest-growing garbage streams in the world.

recycle e waste to save gorilla

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The waste streams are a potential risk to both the environment and human health. Human beings are at a high risk of developing severe complications when TVs, phones, and other electronic gadgets are discarded. Therefore, instead of throwing away these unused tools like old kettles, mobile phones, and broken televisions sets, why not recycle them?

Safe recycling of electronic devices continues to receive attention from the industry and policymakers that want to preserve natural habitats. Besides, recycling e-wastes not only helps to reduce the amount of waste sitting in landfills but it also helps recover harmful materials that might endanger gorillas.

Below are five reasons why it’s essential to recycle e-waste.

1. Conserve Natural Resources

Recycling e-waste helps to recover some valuable materials from used devices that can work in the manufacture of new electronics. By doing so, it will decrease the emission of greenhouse gas, reduce pollution, save energy, and save resources required to dispose of wastes. Plastics, heavy metals, and glass present in e-wastes cause air pollution when disposed of improperly.

Also, these materials are the leading cause of marine impurity when they seep into water bodies. The materials pose a significant health risk to gorillas living in their natural habitat. As such, environmentalists encourage people to avoid disposing of wastes into garbage bins and instead adhere to recycling methods to save animals.

2. To Eliminate Toxic Chemicals from the Environment

Most electronic tools contain precious metals like copper and gold. Nonetheless, the machines still have toxic substances like cadmium, lead, mercury, and several heavy metals. Also, they contain toxic chemicals and flame retardants. As such, proper processing is critical once these materials get into the environment.

Without recycling, hazardous waste gets into natural habitats, and it might kill or affect wild animals health. Countries that use primitive approaches to recycle scraps pose health risks to the citizens as toxins get into the atmosphere. Having said that, proper recycling of e-waste will play a pivotal role to eliminate toxic chemicals from the environment.

3. Protect Your Surroundings

The safe recycling of e-wastes ensures that toxic substances are correctly managed. The presence of harmful materials like lead and mercury makes these substances dangerous to human life. They also affect the environment when harmful gases get into the air. Therefore, recycling these wastes will help to protect the environment.

4. Solid Waste Management

The short product life cycle, coupled with continued growth in the industry means that more electronic products are produced. As such, there is more solid waste from these electronic devices. Recycling e-wastes also helps to keep scraps out of the landfills and ensure proper waste management.

Computers, sound systems, household appliances, TVs, and mobile devices are all recyclable. As such, when recycled, they reduce the number of heavy metals and plastics that seep into waterways. Recycling helps to manage wastes and keep the environment clean.

5. Rich Source of Raw Material

As earlier stated, electronic wastes contain several valuable materials like copper, ferrous metals, gold, silver, and aluminum. The composition of these precious metals is 50 times richer in e-wastes compared to metal ores that come from the earth’s core. However, only 15% of these valuable materials are successfully recovered when these devices are improperly disposed of.

Therefore, rather than filling up landfills, electronic devices should be recycled, refurbished, and reused. Also, recycling helps to conserve naturals resources required in the production of new tools.

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Ways of Recycling E-Waste

Electronic gadgets contain vital information that can lead to huge losses if they are not disposed of appropriately. As such, it’s crucial you remove all essential details from your gadgets before recycling. Here are the most effective ways to recycle e-waste to save gorillas:

1. Upgrade the Life of Electronics

To ensure that your devices last long, you should exercise proper management skills and take good care of all purchased gadgets. Also, develop a habit of buying fewer gadgets that you can easily manage.

Ensure that most devices have covers, screen protectors, protective cases, and employ any other protective measure that will increase their lifespan. Make sure that you use your tools to full potential.

2. Return Electronic Devices to the Manufacturer

You can also look for exchange offers from the seller. The majority of electronic companies such as Dell, Sony, LG, and Samsung offer send-back or exchange deals against computers, mobile phones, and other home appliances.

You can make good use of such initiatives to recycle e-waste and prevent filing up landfills with electronics. Alternatively, you can sell Samsung phone at an affordable price instead of disposing of it.

3. Search for E-Waste Recycling Drop-Off Locations

Recycling of E-waste is easy using drop-off locations. All you have to do is a quick search on the internet to find the best and top-rated electronic waste management firms around you. After setting on your preferred company, approach them, and you’ll get all the necessary information regarding how to recycle e-waste.

4. Donate Electronics

Recycling electronics can also succeed through donations. There are many classrooms, victims of violence, and children safety groups that will benefit a lot by donating devices. Donating unused gadgets not only serves as a gift, but it is also a way of recycling electronics.

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There is an unlimited supply of toxic materials that keep devices like tablets and smartphones running. As such, we should play a vital role to limit the impact of these devices on the ecosystem and lives of animals like gorillas.

Donating is one of the ways you can use to recycle wastes. Also, you can pass on refurbished equipment to people who require it most. By deciding to recycle electronic tools, we can help maintain gorilla habitats. By doing so, we’ll play a crucial role to protect the future.


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