How to Send And Receive Faxes Online Via Computer For Free


DO WE STILL NEED FAX?? Yes, we do. Sometimes we may counter a situation where a businesses or government agencies don’t consider documents send over email and asking you to send them over FAX. So sending a fax via computer is much more convenient than sending via using a fax machine.

Faxes Online

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How Fax Machines Works?

Like the traditional telephones, fax machines are also connected to the telephone lines. While sending a fax via fax machine, the machine places a phone call to the specified number and hence a document is transmitted over a telephone call.

Steps taken while sending a traditional fax:

  • Write a document which is to be sent or have a printed one.
  • Scan it into a fax machine.
  • Input the receivers fax number.
  • Press the send button.

Sending Faxes Via Computer

Faxes could be sent via computer by

1. Using Internet Service (EASIEST)

Since fax machine could not be connected to the internet directly and as it uses telephone lines as their medium there should be some sort of gateway which connects the internet to the telephone lines, enabling one to fax online.

Steps taken while sending a fax online:

  • The First step is similar like sending an e-mail and that is to prepare a document by scanning it or if this document is already on your computer.
  • Next step is to open on your internet browser or search any other site and this will send your fax for free.
  • Fill the necessary details about you and the receiver, like YOUR name, receiver’s fax number, e-mail address etc.

Receive A Fax Online

Well, receiving a fax online is probably not free at all this could involve paying money. You could sign up on or whatsoever fax service you are using.

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2. By converting your Computer into a Fax Machine

  • This method involves connecting a Phone line to your PC. Well, most PC’S do have phone jacks which are also used to connect to the internet. If you don’t have a Phone Line, you could use Fax Modem USB Dongle, it will require a USB slot to plug it in.
  • Now, you’ll need a faxing software, if you are a Windows user the faxing software is “Windows fax and scan” or you could use any other software.
  • Run that software.
  • Now click to new fax. And fill your recipient’s number, subject etc.
  • Now once you’ll configure your PC as a fax machine it will automatically receive fax.

That’s it!

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