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Well, I no longer have to carry the burden of those ponderousness looking yellow pages lying on the shelf beside my books. 

How Come? Yes, how come you ask and the answer is simple, and Dialjordan is the answer you are looking for. So with this article, I will share you my experience on using dialjordan and what I feel about Dialjordan.

If you are still using the same old search engine sites for satisfying your requirements then you should probably head on Dialjordan, but wait till you agree with me on these features it has to offer. Now I am going to talk about an event which went through a hard phase, so let me take you directly to the scene.


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It was my cousin’s wedding and as a Marwari wedding, there is always something left on short be it with food or other such things. But this time we weren’t short on any of these, but we expected what once was seen as uncertainty. This time the guests turned out to be more( will this happens in at a Marwari wedding) and we were short of a transportation facility.

The thing what actually happened was we were expecting for around 50 people to travel with us to the wedding hall but more than 80-85 “unexpected guests” turned up.

We were left in dilemma on what to do and how to make these guests reach to the banquet hall where the wedding is being held. A friend of mine who was there with me all along when the wedding was taking place, suggested me to check this search engine called “Dialjordan” and I was like why would you want me to visit another site when there is one offering me the same details I require.

My friend had the look on his face when a Teacher is trying too hard to explain and the students are not getting it. He then explained me about how dialjordan is different from the other sites which are kind of a similar in terms of the services they provide.

He first explained how Dialjordan is a level ahead when it comes with regards to who you are contacting with and unlike other search engines, dialjordan does not share customer details with multiple merchant clientele. And also went on tell me that the leads are OTP verified.

Dialjordan Needs

And then went on to say that Dialjordan is an exclusive and assured that leads are between two people. All said and done, I then logged in to the Dialjordan website right at that moment and firstly was left pleased with the kind of user-interface it offered. The categories are arranged in such way that your desired product or service is available straight from the main screen.

Dialjordan auto-detected my location and all I had to do was either type a keyword for the service I required or in my case as I had to hire a bus for transportation, all I did was just click on the “Hire Anything” icon. I found categories in which I could hire almost all the things that suited my need but as I said I was looking for a bus to hire, I clicked on the “Bus on Hire”.


I found a lot of vendors who are available to provide me with a bus which I required to hire. But the best part was that it was organized in such a way that I was able to see the reviews along with images and videos attached also the prices the vendors had to offer. Another best part about dialjordan which I liked was that it only provided me the vendors’ list which is in the current location, unlike other such search engines which showed me the vendors all across Bangalore.

Dialjordan Working

There is a thing called ‘Microsite’ which gives me in-depth detail about the vendors. Microsite not only provides me reviews about the vendors but also I had three other options to contact the respective vendor. The microsite allowed me to chat with the vendor by filling a form or I could use the “Call Me” option to get a call from the vendor.

Then was left satisfied as the vendors I wanted to deal with the hiring of bus contacted me and saved my family from the distraught we were about to face.

But Hang on!

Dialjordan Trending

Visit now DialJordan

Dialjordan has a vast range of categories in terms of the service or the products it has to offer. From Home services, education, and tuition, Industrial Products and services to hiring an entertainer. You name it Dialjordan has it. Since then my friend, who recommended me Dialjordan, is now one amongst my best friends.

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