How to Use Spectracide Insect Killer?


Spectracide insect killer is proven to kill numerous types and insects at any place, especially lawns. The spectracide insect killer effectively kills insect both below and above the surface of the land, and the species of insects do not have any limitation towards the kill including crickets, ants, pill bugs, centipedes, grubs, fleas, and many related other infections and harmful ones. For the lawn, the practical way to apply the insecticide is with the help of a rotator to spray over the surface adequately. Broad-spectrum controlling is the base of the spectracide insect killer product on which it is created to control insects at any area and location, through treatments on affected spots effectively, and this creates a barrier for the insects that unwantedly dwell at homes.

Insect Killer Product

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The effectiveness of Spectracide insect killer are as follows:

  • Kills insects as soon as they come in contact with spectracide insect killer and gives a long-lasting control over the insects from returning on the spot.
  • Spectracide insect killer effectively works of more than 100 types of insect and prevents them from returning for a long span of time.
  • Water spreading is vital and once the water is soaked the area can be readily used by humans and pets as before.
  • Effectively kills insects both above and below the surface of the ground.
  • The minimum amount of spectracide insect killer is required to cover large surface areas.

How to use Insect Killer Product?

  • The product is profoundly harmful to health and should be kept away from the reach of children and pets until the place is dry. To use the product with its maximum effectiveness, one must follow the following steps and proceed accordingly:
  • Judging the space to be covered under the treatment of spectracide insect killer is of utmost importance.
  • The spreading must be controlled and followed according to the chart. Spreading is effectively done by appropriately setting the rotator of any other equipment that used in covering the spectracide insect killer.
  • The treatment adequately executes as per the rates on the chart provided along with spectracide insect killer. After applying the granules of spectracide insect killer, water must spread becomes necessary on an immediate basis.
  • The application of the granules and spreading of the spectracide insect killer must not be made more than six times annually for locations that are not frequently used, and this application must be limited to three times for the areas commonly used.
  • The best results obtained by applying the spectracide insect killer twenty-four hours it had rained which does not let the water flow out or off the premises.
  • The application of the spectracide insect killer profoundly includes direct applying on the infected spots, and it is recommended not to apply while raining. All directions of use following execute as per the label on the product, and the point of runoff water escape need avoidance.
  • The application of the products to the sewer and the drains in a direct manner is highly prohibited. The areas like the gutters and drainages like a storm drain, sewers, aquatic life habitat, and any other corresponding water bodies avoided. It must be understood and in mind that the draining of the products to the drainage system after its application must adequately prevent by suitable means.


The harmful and unwanted pests are found all across places that are unexpected and also at the locations where the use of the area is immense. Spectracide insect killer adequately addresses the needs of the people by acting harsh and removing these insects and pests from the desired regions in the most effective manner. The houses and the adjacent laws are the areas where people do not want insect and pest intrusion because these pests at several instances enter the house and spread diseases and are harmful to the health of the dwellers. The granules of the spectracide insect killer effectively work when applied to the foundation or the roots of the infected areas followed by watering inadequate amount and letting it mix and be soaked underground. An adequate application is how it serves both above and below the land surface. Uniform distribution of the granules is of utmost importance, and thorough watering is the following step executed mandatorily after application.

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