Best Tools And Hacks When Working From Home!


The advent of a new decade brought many challenges. One of them is working from home, an option that was not widely available to the public before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it’s a requirement.

There are certainly many pros and cons to doing that, and while that is a pleasant topic for discussion, today we are talking about all the hacks and tricks you can do to make your work from home easier, and more enjoyable.

We are of course talking about smart gadgets and technology. If you are just starting to be curious about how you can work from home, or even become a digital nomad, we recommend subscribing to news articles from sites dedicated to earning a living online.

Best Tools And Hacks When Working From Home

Once you get started, having the right tools can make all the difference in working from home.

Go Wireless

Yes, our first advice is to get rid of all cables and go wireless. It’s definitely worth the investment! You are sitting in front of the computer, listening to this Zoom conference you really shouldn’t have been a part of, but you are.

And you are stuck in front of the computer. Not because your camera is on, and everyone is looking at you. You turned off the camera. You are stuck because your headphones are plugged into the computer, and you are at the mercy of your one and a half meter cable.

That’s it. You could be making yourself a coffee in the kitchen if you had a wireless headset. Now go and purchase one. 

Wireless Headphones

It doesn’t have to be that shiny white fruity 100$+ pair. Wireless headphones can be purchased on basically any budget. Sometimes you pay for quality, convenience, but sometimes you are just paying for the brand.

Anyway, when you decide to make your life easier, do yourself and everyone else a favor, and choose a gadget with noise canceling. That way, nobody will hear your loud neighbors drilling their walls. And if everyone does that, nobody will hear anyone’s neighbors.

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Wireless Keyboard 

If we are talking wireless, there is one more thing that could make your workspace a bit superior. And that’s a wireless keyboard. If you are working on your laptop, forget about this and head straight to the next tip.

But you are still reading, and that means you are on a desktop. You don’t have to be all hunched over your computer, sitting in an uncomfortable position in your chair when you are writing that email.

With a wireless keyboard, you can select your preferred posture, put on that snuggly blanket, and type away whatever you need. You also get the benefit of fewer cables at your desk. Fewer things at your desk the better.

Laptop Tips

Speaking of laptops, if you are an owner of one, and you spend a great deal of time on it, you may want to purchase a laptop stand. Hunching over is bad for you, your health, your bank account, and your productivity.

You don’t want to go to the doctor just because your neck or back hurts from all the work you are doing. If your laptop is too low, that can lead to eye-strain as well. To keep your laptop on a proper level, purchase a suitable or even an adjustable stand for your portable computer. 

Perfect Presentation Tips

If you are one of these people who have a LOT of Zoom Meetings, and they are very important, invest in your image as much as you can splurge. The first thing you should consider is buying a separate new microphone and webcam.

Hey, and if it’s wireless, even better! That goes for both your microphone and webcam. Although if you listened to the headphones part, you might not need a separate mic. Maybe, it depends on what type of job and meetings you have. A separate microphone is a must if you live stream!

Here are some more tips and advice:


A new mic can make all the difference in you sounding like that perfect public figure on a ted talk, compared to that old scratchy radio sound people hear from your built-in or a one-dollar microphone that is ten years old.

You want your message to be heard, loud and clear, with brilliant reception. While in real life you can work on your voice and tone, the best thing you can do online is getting a superb mic.

You don’t want to be that colleague who is constantly trying to say something but is always cutting out. In case you want your next meetings to go super-smooth, we suggest checking out this article.

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Another thing that would make your Online Conferences more professional is a high-quality webcam. How you look on another person’s screen is only secondary to your voice. If they can’t hear you, chances are your meetings aren’t going to go well.

But if all they can see is a blurry image of you, that’s no good too. On the other hand, if the person you are talking to can see your fresh haircut, neat desk space, and accurately sorted documents, they will appreciate it.

Just remember to check what’s behind you…you don’t want your client or boss to know some of your more intimate secrets! 

With these gadgets, your work from home will be a true pleasure! With good headphones, you can even work with the kids running around your desk (and secretly dream of a kids-free home office). Good luck! 

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