Types of Headphones Available Today


Among the many different types of headphones, there are at least three modern types of sets that you should familiarize yourself with, particularly if you’re an audiophile and love music.

Choosing one really depends on your personal preference, as there are great high-quality options for every category.

Types of Headphones Available Today

Common Headphone Categories

Open-back headphones provide excellent sound quality, even if they are being used on the go. They allow plenty of room for the person wearing them to move their head and hear where they want to be while still being able to hear clearly through the headphones.

For those who don’t enjoy the feeling of having their ears surrounded by a mass of electronics, the open-back model will work well. The cost of these headphones will depend on the brand and the build of the pair.

Over-the-neck headphones are similar to earbuds in the way that they are placed over the neck, but they offer a unique advantage in that they allow more flexible movement when working out.

They allow the user to stay in touch with the surrounding environment and have very good sound quality. In many ways, it’s the best experience for users looking to have great audio while still maintaining the portability that’s usually reserved for earbuds.

Bluetooth headphones will work with either a specific wireless device or a cellular phone. They often come equipped with both volume controls and call buttons for hands-free use. These can also come with the option of allowing you to take calls while in the middle of watching a movie.

Some of these come equipped with tiny speakers that produce powerful sound for any situation. You can get Bluetooth-capable sets that work great for your home listening needs.

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Modern Audio Trends

Unlike the previous types of headphones, the most recent models of this type of headphone utilize what is called “bone conduction” technology to deliver the sound.

This is a fairly new technology that was introduced just a few years ago and has become a big trend in users looking for the latest in audio technology.

The bone conduction headphones use a process called “listen to control,” which allows the user to determine how far the headphones will playback sound based on the amount of time they have taken to notice the sounds.

This technology helps to eliminate the interference from external sounds that can get in the way of your music listening experience.

There’s also the increasing use of wireless headphones. Previously, these weren’t good enough for high-end audio and were only just for long runs and taking calls on a smartphone.

These days, the technology is advancing quite a bit to where the sound sounds much better and is much more acceptable among audiophiles. It’s recommended to take a break from wearing headphones all the time and in such cases, you can use the McIntosh rs200 loudspeaker to still enjoy your music.

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In Conclusion

These are the most commonly used types of headphones today, whether that’s music with a smartphone or even a home theatre setup. It’s one of the most popular pieces of electronics for buying a gift or as a present to oneself.

Since music is so important to people’s lives, it’s important to get the experience right and get the right.


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