How to Write a Synthesis Essay?


The average college essay will be between 5-10 pages. While this appears like an assignment you can type on your phone as you head to the hostel, a lot is required, raising the stakes every time you are asked to write an academic paper.

You have to deal with the right structure, grammar, referencing, and other requirements. Luckily, there are college essay writers for pay to offload the burden and help to safeguard your performance. 

Still, there are some essays that you have to write on your own. Remember that completing the assignments on your own prepares you for tougher tests, especially when you lack the luxury of getting help. 

Another issue arises about a synthesis essay. From the definition, this is a different type of essay and must be approached as such.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay

Here are a few pro tips on how to write a captivating synthesis essay on whatever topic or subject. 

Review the Instructions Thoroughly 

Each essay is unique. The synthesis paper your seniors could have written last year is different from what you are expected to write today. The difference can be seen in the instructions and must be executed to the last word.

Instructions touch on such aspects as the topic, reference materials to use, formatting style, and submission deadline, among other factors. They will inform your writing process.

For instance, if you need to submit the paper in a few days, you must begin working on it immediately. Adhere to instructions on formatting so that, for example, you do not mix MLA and APA formatting styles. 

Samples and examples make instructions easier to understand. The samples must come from a credible source like your tutor or the library. Remember that using a poor quality sample will mislead your writing, resulting in a poorly done paper. 

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Understand the Meaning of a Synthesis Paper

The word ‘Synthesis’ is pivotal in the completion of your essay. It will determine the language used and the structure of the eventual paper. If the definition is that crucial, you must understand what it means and requires of you when writing. 

So, what is a synthesis essay?

It is a style of writing where you bring opposing or divergent ideologies into a discussion. The aim is to find a middle-ground or demonstrate that the perspectives can work together. 

Because of the nature of writing involved, a synthesis essay requires a lot of reading. This is mandatory because you will be summarizing two divergent perspectives with the aim of arriving at a singular conclusion. 

Having understood what a synthesis essay requires, it is time to get down to writing. 

Choose a Captivating Topic

Always look at the topic as the cover of a book or the icing on a cake. An interesting cover calls you from a distance to read through the chapters. The same case applies to icing on a cake. It arouses your appetite, enticing you to have a bit. Your topic or title will play the same role.

Choose an interesting topic that pulls every reader to desire to lay his or her hands on the paper. The topic must be relevant and solid for research at your level of study. Endeavor to explore fresh ideas in your writing to avoid repetition and discussing stale ideas. 

Research Intensively On the Subject

Research is the foundation of every academic exercise. It introduces you to the thoughts and ideas that other people have explored on the same subject. It is a chance to meet scholars who share your ideas and those that oppose your perspective.

It is from the synthesis of these ideas that you develop a conclusion. 

Research and reference materials used heavily determine the strength of your argument. As such, you must obtain the materials from credible sources.

Low-quality books, articles, journals, and other types of materials will weaken your arguments, resulting in an incoherent as well as misleading paper. 

Develop an Outline 

Identify the main ideas from your research and develop an outline. The outline provides a map of the ideas you intend to explore in your paper.

It is from the outline that you develop the right order and assess whether you have sufficient points to support your discussion. An outline is a secret to a coherent and methodical discussion. 

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Draft the Paper

Get down to business and draft your paper. Allocate enough time to drafting to avoid hurrying through the paper such that you end up with errors and weak discussions.

Use available writing tools to reduce drafting time as well as improve on such elements as grammar, citations, referencing, and general structure. 

The ultimate determinant of the quality of your paper is the polishing state. Edit and proofread the paper before submission. It is only possible if you have ample time to complete your paper before the submission deadline.

You may involve an external editor to look at the paper with a third eye. 


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