Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2019


SEO stands for search engine optimization. The content writers who have done a course in search engine optimization job usually optimize the content for the search engine, conduct keyword searches, expand the opportunities for keywords, research and implement the content for recommendations. Search engine optimization often shows the “natural and organic” result.

Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2019

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The people who do this job have a huge responsibility on their shoulder. They have to make directory submissions, optimize on page content, also analyze and track the result of all the optimized content. The page content includes rich written copy which maximizes opportunities to appear in index, rank, click-through, conversions and other outcomes.

In Search Engine Optimization, the ranking is where your content stands in position on the search engine results pages (SERPs). So if you have the #1 rank, that means your page is the first page to be shown when someone searches for a term (excluding the promoted ads or answers boxes). If you stand among the Top 3 Ranking, then it’s the best for your benefit. One can start their preparations for 2019. Better late than never! Massive shifts can be seen when comparing between virtual reality and augmented reality or blockchain and AI.

New Tech Possibilities

There have been many predictions regarding the Search Engine Optimizations. 1/3 experts say that 2019 might be the year where the voice will be louder than 2019. 10% experts say that there might be more focus on mobile applications in 2019, as old SEO have now realized that no one uses the desktop in this era. Also, 10% of expert scientists believe that blockchain might even change the manner in which SEOs relate their websites to Google in a technical way. According to 7% of the major experts in Amazon’s Search Engine Optimization might be the significant trend in the year 2019.

Jana Garanko Views on SEO 2019

The head PR at the marketing tools industry, Jana Garanko, says that AI will play a huge role in the keyword search practices which might vary and depend on the private demographic data much more than the present scenario. Artificial Intelligence will become ubiquitous, and the SEO specialists will grasp the firsthand knowledge of various machine learning techniques and other automation programmes. A significant number of people do voice search. Voice requests are a lot more different than standard queries as keyword changes will likely occur. Though Virtual Reality has started to bring a difference in the sci-fi movie, reel and real lives they might not bring a significant impact to the search engine optimizations any time soon.

More Customization

Search Engine Result Pages will start to get more and more personalized as they will take account into the interests of the users, genders, locations, search history, caches, cookies, and gender of course! SEO optimizations specialists will analyze and consider a vast amount of content connected factors such as the length of the material, quality of the article, TF-IDF and its building structure.

Many products start their significant searches right from Amazon. From shopping for clothes, jewelry, fashion choice to even groceries, Amazon is making its name come to the top everywhere. With the newly launched voice-assistant, Amazon is all set to be at the top rank at all costs.

There are many things to consider when it comes to SEO Ranking Factors. There are many methodologies and technologies on the run, which will help you optimize your content from search engine point of view. We have listed a few below:

Data & Its Interpretation

Whenever you use Google, you type in your query first. A list of searches and answers come along related to your question. Technology like Google is your know-all. So as days pass, it gets more natural for Google and tech to interpret your search query for a better and personalized result. It searches for your question and finds a content which will be related to it. Thus, this will help the Search Engine Optimization to cater to the needs more specifically and in such a way that it will show results which will be according to your needs and acceptance. The Search Engine Optimization factors play a huge role in all the interpretation.


From knowing about all the places that one has visited all the searches you made on Google. There is a record of everything. Yes! The internet has a history of your existence and every moment counts. With more and more activity taking place on the internet every moment websites need to be secure for usage, links and pages need to be encrypted, and everything needs to be up-to-date because users want the most recent information always.

Google helps by giving a boost up on the sites by providing a secure protocol (HTTP or Https). A foundation has been created, and the emphasis is being laid to secure and tighten the security as time passes. The next big thing which is going to change the SEO ranking factors is Blockchain.

Retaining Your Audience

If you wish to hold the attention of a user on the internet, you must have such a content that it keeps holding the user and binds them in such a way that they do coming back. If your webpage takes more than few seconds to load, then the user loses his/her cool and moves on to the next best result. That’s how you lose most of your users. Therefore it becomes very much essential to optimize the speed of your content on your website to attract more people. All the plugin technologies, the correct utilization of the CDN, the mechanism of caching, and the use of all the strategies and its organization of the script or CSS files are very essential today. But if your website opens in a span of or before 2 seconds, then you and your page could have to pay the penalty. Google has an AMP method for sites to load in a couple of seconds when implemented in the right manner. So by opting for AMP, you can easily get ranked in right positions from Google point of view.

Google Voice Search

Voice Search is making a considerable change in the IT Sector department today. According to research, one day almost 50% of searches will be made using voice search. One can say, according to significant predictions, 2019 will be the Year of Voice Search. Today majority of adults accounting for almost 40% use Google Voice Search instead of typing. Thus, Voice Search makes the search more personalized. Voice search mostly contains more information about what precisely the user is looking for. It is targeted, and the searches include the information of the query only. It is predicted that by 2019 end, the focus will be on searching using voice queries. Voice-search, questions, and results have been found to be more friendly and much comfortable and easy to use. For Search Engine Optimization, the record of experience and expectations of the user is essential.

The Search Engine Optimization has changed in a tremendous form and is expected to quicken its pace in the years to come. User experience will play a huge role in deciding the factors for Search engine optimization and also get a place in the ranking. A lot of factors will be taken into account how we interact with the search engines or vice versa. With Google increasing its search, also with monetization, there will come a day when users won’t need even to visit the website to get their query related answer.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will be a massive trend for 2019. Today everyone is using mobile. Videos, Shopping, Wikipedia – everything is done through internet connection available on mobile. Till now around some $601 Million has been spent on Google voice search.

By 2019 it is predicted that keywords might even lose all their importance. There has been a question going around that how many such SEO ranking factors does Google use? Well! To be honest, nobody knows the correct answer either. But many experts have been claiming that the count can go up to 200. No! Not all 200 ranking factors hold equal weight, but yes each can help you put your page above the list.

Final Thoughts

The ethics of the Search Engine Optimization keep changing with different factors and algorithms. Every website needs the help of Search Engine Optimization rules and elements to win the game of Google and make it to the top of the list. Today there exists more than 2 billion websites. If you have a team of competent experts, one can even do Search Engine Optimization themselves. Keep a right list of keywords to help go up. Even the “keyword” factor isn’t that important but yes it can kind of support you. Dwell time is always considered for search ranking. Areas such as name, address, phone number, various business listings, reviews and even all the terms of the local search. People sharing your stuff is a positive sign because it invites more crowd to view the concept. A content over 2000 words also helps for the Search Engine Optimization factors. Answer boxes also deliver knowledge which also optimizes better as people will click on your page to search for their query.

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