Change And The World Changes For You


We all might have stuck with the same problem every day. But instead of overcoming those problems we more likely to criticize that moment of our life and others. If you change yourself than you can surely change the world around you. Think big, Do big. Changing yourself means to see the world as it is, rather than as we are. Our perception changes with our experiences.

change for a change

I might share one of the best poems I have ever read “The Road Not Taken’’ by Robert Frost. In this poem the speaker is stuck in a place where two roads diverge. He regrets that he can’t opt for the both roads at the same time. He chooses the road which was less walked by the peddlers. This has made all difference in his life. This tells us that we frequently face the problem between choosing the best option among the two. As we don’t know the result of both we should be confident about our choices and believe that it will make the difference.

When you stop trying to change others and work on changing yourself, your world changes for the better – Anonymous

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One should not freak out or stress while making decisions. The person should be calm, build their own positive thought, and stop complaining. Positivity is the key to one’s success. I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples, well said by Mother Teresa. You might not alone make a change, but you can indulge others to take part with you. You can’t make a change fighting the existing realities. To Change your surroundings, make something new that is better so that you can obsolete the existing realities. You can only fight with others by overcoming your inner conflicts. By forgiving you can easily let go your past and make a better future. You can be free from all the boundaries that you have created from your past.

To conclude, I must say that self-realization is the one step forward to a peaceful life. It helps one to know their needs, desire and steps to fulfill them. Focus on what actions you take place in order to change the world around you as it should not harm others. Always communicate in an authentic way and try to see the good in people. I think it’s important to remember than we all are human and are born to make mistakes. To sustain in a world of competition one shall not lose confidence and have high self-esteem.

Hope this will help you to change your inner soul in a positive way and will make a difference in your world.

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