Make the Best Out of Your Stay in Atlanta with These Luggage Storage Options


With 50 different states to choose from in America, it can feel really overwhelming to try and decide what one you actually want to visit. From West Coast to East Coast and everywhere in between, there is simply so much to explore.

But one place that should be on everyone’s radar is Atlanta, Georgia. One of the southern bell states offers a surprising combination of soul, charm, and vibrant culture. Even more so, there are simply so many different places to see and do, let alone eat!

Many people find themselves in this city for a whole range of reasons. Some come for a work trip. Others come for holiday. And others are simply traveling through.

With the options to do so much—from historical Civil War tours to visiting one of the most impressive aquariums in the country, you will want to maximize your time in this city regardless of the reason.

But if you are traveling through, you certainly do not want to be inconvenienced by heavy luggage that will limit your activities and greatly slow you down. In fact, having to coordinate an itinerary for your Atlanta trip based on your luggage simply sucks.

The good news is that there are so many great options for luggage storage in Atlanta. And we are about to share them all with you.

So get ready for the best trip yet to this trendy southern city. And know that you can still do anything and everything you want thanks to an extensive selection of luggage storage options.

Make the Best Out of Your Stay in Atlanta with These Luggage Storage Options

Here are the best and most conveniently placed luggage storage facilities for the visiting person to Atlanta.

1. The Georgia Aquarium

No trip to Atlanta is complete without at least one visit to the Georgia Aquarium. In fact, it is one of the top-rated attractions in the whole state. And best of all, they have a luggage storage facility there so that you can fit in a visit even with luggage in hand.

The aquarium opened up over a decade ago and has actually established itself as the largest indoor aquarium in the Western Hemisphere. The aquarium is so big, in fact, that there are over 10 million gallons of water held within, not to mention the 100 plus varieties of marine animals that call this place home.  

So ditch your bags and wander through this massive underwater wonder luggage free. That way you can instead focus on your magical interactions with the sharks and dolphins within.

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2. The Atlanta Airport

The airport in Atlanta is actually one of the biggest and most extensive airports in all of America. With direct connections to nearly all main cities in America along with surrounding countries, this airport sees a lot of planes and a lot of foot traffic through on a daily basis.

It is also very likely that you will find yourself with a connecting flight in Atlanta. So rather than wasting seven-plus hours in the airport for your layover, you can store your luggage at one of the retail stores within and hit the ground running to explore and eat for the rest of the day.

Getting from the airport to the city center is pretty easy and you can easily tick off quite a few Atlanta bucket list items during your layover,  especially if you are luggage-free.

3. The City Market

If you are wanting to shop until you drop, then the Ponce City Market in Atlanta is certainly the place to be. But it is really hard to shop on your way to or from the hotel you are staying at if you have luggage in hand.

This is where the luggage storage facilities come in handy at this location. Not only does this 2 million square foot shopping market have some of the best shops around, they also have some convenient luggage storage facilities.

So spend the afternoon shopping around in between checking out of your hotel and checking in for your departing flight, with your luggage safely stored out of sight. Just make sure that everything you buy can fit within your suitcase before you reach the airport!

4. Downtown Restaurants

The food scene in Atlanta is honestly next level. It is so good, in fact, that you may find yourself there with your luggage still in hand. If that is the case, do not fear. There are actually multiple restaurants in downtown Atlanta that offer luggage storage.

This is great news for keen diners because there is nothing worse than your luggage taking up most of the space near the table. Instead, you can store it away while you focus on your incredibly delicious dining experience.

One of the best dining experiences is Buford Highway, which is a multicultural mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, and Mexican food. But do not let the laid-back vibe scare you away. It has, hands down, some of the best food in all of Atlanta.

5. CNN Center Atlanta

The CNN Building in Atlanta is the actual headquarters for the media giant CNN. Not only do the majority of their newsrooms and studios call this place home, but it sees some of the most high-profile people come in and out of it every day.

Whether you find yourself in Atlanta for a news opportunity at the CNN Center or are in the surrounding area, take note that there are plenty of luggage storage facilities nearby.

If you are nearby, you should at least sign up for a tour of the studios. It is fascinating to see what goes on behind the scene at one of the most prominent news organizations in the world.

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So to wrap it up. If you are in Atlanta, then you do not need to worry about trying to get your luggage around everywhere.

Instead, you can easily find a luggage rental facility at one of the many options near some of the top attractions you will likely be passing through anyway—allowing you to make the most out of your stay.

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