All You Need To Know About Artificial General Intelligence


Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a field focusing at the “Thinking” ability of machines, that is, simple purpose machine capable of thinking like human brains. It is also referred to as “strong AI” or “fullAI” on the basis of a machine to perform general artificial actions. The software needs to fulfill specific problem solving and reasoning tasks.

Artificial Intelligence

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What All They Can Do?

Artificial Intelligence Machine is the intelligence of the machine to perform any intellectual task as human beings. So, there is wide agreement among AI researchers that what intelligence is to do the following:

  1. Plan things
  2. Solve puzzles
  3. Reason and use strategy
  4. Make a judgement under uncertainty
  5. Common sense knowledge
  6. Communicate in natural language
  7. Ability to act normally in the world
  8. Could have an ability to sense
  9. Imagination and autonomy

Computer based system who exhibit human capabilities do exist, but not at human levels.

There are other aspects that are also considering other than human brain regarding strong AI is consciousness, self-awareness, sentience (ability to feel emotions), sapience (capacity for wisdom).

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What “test” do they have to pass?

1. Turing Test

Developed by Alan Turing in 1950. Turing proposed that the human evaluator will differentiate between the answers of human and machine that is made to give human like responses. Both the participants will be separated from each other and will give the test. The conversation would be limited to the computer keyboard and screen. The test does not check the ability to give the correct answer, but how closely the answer resembles.

2. The Coffee Test

Here, the machine is given the task to make coffee by going in the average American house. Find coffee machine, coffee, water, mug, etc.

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3. The Robot College Student Test

The machine is given a task to enroll in university and pass on classes.

4. The Employee Test

The machine here has to work as an employee in any company and had to perform better than human.

There are many tests that a machine has to pass in order to consider it as AGI.

Current Mainstream

There are many problems that AGI researchers are facing. In 21st century, AI has achieved a far higher degree of achievement in both academic and commercial fields. AI researchers feel that they can develop strong AI programs that can overcome all sub problems. There are many research projects that are going on for investigating brain simulation.

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