The Definitive Guide to Winning with Instagram Video Ads


Instagram’s popularity has exploded since it was introduced in 2010, partly because it added new spices to the social media table that other platforms lacked.

Many users were eager to participate in making and uploading intriguing videos as soon as video Reels, Stories, and Explore pages were introduced. Instagram as a platform proved that video marketing is superior to traditional forms of advertising, with video ads running on Instagram generating more leads and conversions. Thus, if you have ever tried using Instagram video ads to boost your business, it’s expected that you will have more views, leads, or engagements. However, suppose your company didn’t get a massive turnaround. In that case, chances are that you are not doing the video ads correctly. To optimize your Instagram video ads effectively, here are nine tips you should keep in mind when creating your next video ads.

Definitive Guide to Winning with Instagram Video Ads

1. Let Your Video Captivate Viewers Right Away

The first secret to succeeding with video ads is to make a captivating video, given the abundance of Reels and Stories on Instagram. This is because most Instagram users quickly scan their feeds, swiping away from videos that don’t grab their attention or interest.

Furthermore, it would help if you maximized the initial few seconds of your video. You can achieve this by promoting your brand or coming up with a highly catchy idea. Short videos that convey their message are more effective than longer videos because people have limited attention spans and time to watch videos.

2. Video Ads Should be Mobile-friendly

Since Instagram launched as a mobile phone app, the majority of users still access the app through their smartphones. As a result, when creating a video ad, ensure the Instagram video format appears appropriate on a mobile device. Simply put, your Instagram ad size should be square or vertical (1080p or 1920p), not horizontal.

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3. Put in Some Text or Subtitles

Instagram audio is always muted by default, and many users prefer to leave it that way, especially if they’re not at home. As a result, when making videos, ensure you include relevant text information you want to convey to the audience, such as subtitles.

Don’t go overboard, though. The video can appear congested and cluttered with too many words. Inadvertently, this accomplishes the exact opposite of what it was meant to do—pass information.

4. Create Videos That Solve A Need

There are many problems, and people are willing and ready to pay anyone who solves their problems. Therefore, when creating videos for an advertisement, ensure you create one that solves the problems or needs of your targeted audience.

According to studies, people are more likely to purchase something with which they have an emotional connection. Making the audience feel you understand their issues is the best way to create that connection. Doing this may pique their interest and make it easy to sell them your goods or services as a solution to their concerns.

5. Make Your Ad Appear Organic

Oftentimes, people become immediately distant when they realize you are attempting to sell them something. The same is true with Instagram video advertising; viewers instinctively try to swipe away when they recognize your video as a sponsored advertisement.

So, when making a video, make sure it looks as organic and natural as possible. The greatest way to create a more natural-looking video commercial is to use your smartphone and a little imagination. Your video will scream “advertisement” the more polished it becomes. Nevertheless, this does not imply that your video should be of poor quality.

6. Add A Clear Call to Action

A crystal-clear CTA that instructs the viewers on what to do next must be included in your video. Multiple CTAs could confuse readers and discourage them from taking any action. Your call to action also has to be simplified.

Including a “learn more” button is typically the best call to action. This allows you to further include whatever element you wish to convey in the video advertisement. A CTA is also best placed in the middle of your Instagram video ad since it is both long enough to compel viewers to act and short enough to be seen by viewers who might not have stuck around to the end.

7. Create a Mobile-friendly Landing Page

A straightforward call to action is one thing, but a landing page that is simple to use is more crucial. Most CTAs usually point to a landing page. Since most people use mobile devices, your landing page should be mobile-friendly.

No matter how enthralled they were with your products, most users quickly leave your page and move on once it gets challenging to navigate their way through. Therefore, it’s imperative that you create landing pages optimized for mobile use.

8. Have a Single Goal

Some brands attempt to sell various goods or services through a single video ad to cut expenses. They overlook the fact that every product has a specific target market, so it is crucial to make video ads that are targeted to each market.

Additionally, including many things in one video advertisement makes it appear like a pitch, overwhelming viewers and making them scroll away.

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9. Target Users Connected to A Wi-Fi

Although it may sound absurd, most internet users utilize Wi-Fi connections due to the robust network connections rather than mobile data.

Therefore, setting the visibility of your video ads to appear only to viewers connected to Wi-Fi would ensure that these users can watch your videos without lag. This is crucial because Instagram is full of distractions and users are less likely to wait for your video to buffer and start playing while they’re on mobile data.

Every video advertisement’s ultimate objective is to increase sales and conversions. If you’re having trouble with that, it’s time to evaluate what you’ve been doing incorrectly and make the required changes. The tips mentioned above are a terrific place to start if you want to win with your Instagram video ads.


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