An Entrepreneur’s Rulebook For Making Smarter IT Decisions


The toughest decisions for a business are related to IT, more so if you aren’t a tech-savvy entrepreneur. Picking technologies that add value to your business can be challenging, and fitting them into your budget is even more difficult.

There are possibilities of buying solutions that are too complex and useless. At the same time, the risk of going beyond the budget is higher than you imagine. But it doesn’t mean you cannot make the right IT decisions.

An Entrepreneurs Rulebook For Making Smarter IT Decisions

Follow these rules and rest assured about landing the right technologies within your business budget.

Rule #1- Frame your requirements 

A clear view of your requirements gives you a good start with picking technologies that match. The worst way to choose apps and solutions for your company is by following trends. The mindset often takes you in the wrong direction.

You may end up choosing the wrong solution and spending a fortune on it. Start by researching the business objectives, such as improving infrastructure, user retention, or market innovation. It will be easier to make the right pick.

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Rule #2- Evaluate benefits and cost

Once you have your requirements, it will be easy to choose some options in business IT. At this stage, you must evaluate the benefits and costs of these potential solutions. Compare the options and determine the ones that deliver a perfect balance between benefits and costs.

Taking a strategic and systematic approach can help you make the best decisions for your business. 

Rule #3- Look for cost-saving opportunities

After you evaluate and compare, you will probably have a fair idea of workable IT solutions for your business. It is the right time to look for cost-saving opportunities, such as outsourcing software development rather than building in-house.

Experts at Simplex Software recommend custom solutions with feature sets that match your needs perfectly. You can save a lot by skipping the bells and whistles and sticking to the features you actually require.

Rule #4- Prioritize security 

Every IT decision for your business should focus on security because it can make or break an organization. The growing number of security breaches makes it an even bigger concern. Ideally, you must have the right tools to secure your confidential data, apps, and networks.

Further, ensure that every new solution you pick enhances security and does not create any gaps. Investing in employee training should also be a part of the IT decisions. 

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Rule #5- Involve stakeholders

Another rule entrepreneurs must follow to make the right IT decisions is never to make them alone. Always involve stakeholders, here the people who will be the end-users of the technology.

You cannot expect people to embrace complex technologies with ease and derive benefits right away. Such solutions only burden your company instead of adding value. You end up with heavy training expenses, and people will not be comfortable with the new technology. So ask them before sealing the deal.

Although there are no shortcuts to IT decisions, following these rules can make tech a tad simpler for entrepreneurs. They can help you make the best choices without toppling your budget. 


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