Marketing Trends for 2021


It’s already 2021 and we know how to handle the pandemic crisis. Social media was the top choice for the world’s population in 2020. Who would think of a crisis back at the start of 2020? Lockdowns have shown us that social media marketing is on top of the world again.

New trends have emerged and those trends will lead in 2021. Social brand JayNike created a small list of trends that you should take care of in 2021.

Marketing trends for 2021


Many consumers are conscious of sustainability growing more and more. Correspondingly, companies should do their part here to create a greener future. Most of the companies in the USA and EU are in favor of companies acting in an environmentally friendly manner.

Many brands are already using more sustainable alternatives in production or packaging material. Customers are now often looking for precisely these providers. This means that sustainability and environmental protection are topics that can serve as distinguishing features.

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It’s not a surprise that the cultural shift towards greater diversity also influences purchasing behavior.

Most of the customers may no longer buy from brands that do not place sufficient emphasis on diversity. Companies that openly rely on a high degree of diversity can collect strong bonus points here.

Voice and Visual Search

In 2021, findability will play an even greater role in the search. Particular measures must be taken for the voice or visual search. Because these two trends will also play the most important role in 2021. More and more people are searching through voice-based tools like Alexa.

Visual searches will also increase, so predict our top-experts. Someone who optimizes their website early on and, for example, focuses even more on alt texts, can benefit here.

Easy-to-Consume Content (Podcasts)

Podcasts were also able to make a huge leap in 2020 that will continue in 2021. Consumers appreciate easy-to-consume content, which they can have on the side when they spend more time at home.

Podcasts in particular have proven themselves, which is increasingly attracting advertisers. According to the social brand JayNike, more and more advertisers are investing their money in podcasts, which suggests that the trend will continue into 2021.

With these tips, companies that want to improve their reach or strengthen their branding in 2021 have a guideline at hand on where the journey could take this year.

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We shall see to what extent the rest of the time at home influences the behavior of consumers and which unforeseen trends may still prevail.


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