Preparing to Study for the NBCOT® Exam


Everyone has been asking, what is the best way for them to study for the NBCOT exam?

For those who did not know, NBCOT is a board-certification test for occupational therapist professionals. This is their way of upgrading their knowledge and learning of their profession through its evidence-based standard maintained in the field.

Are you one of those occupational therapists who want to know how they got certified? Click here for more details.

The real secret to passing the big exam is to be fully prepared for it.

There is no such thing as stock knowledge in this kind of field as things develop from time to time, that includes your learning in things. But how exactly will you have to prepare yourself for it?

Be physically, emotionally and mentally ready

Why are those three factors important?

You need to be physically ready because you are to undergo 8-10 weeks of studying period as what is recommended by the professionals and exam passers. Expect loss of sleep, tiredness and even stress-eating which is why it is important to keep yourself healthy by having days for exercise and eating nutritious food.

Second of all, you need to be emotionally ready. You need to keep yourself motivated as this will be a dragging process. Do not let your anxiety take you over. Stay positive and confident instead.

Most importantly, be mentally ready and compose the information you need to remember for the test not just in your head but also in your heart.

It may be hard to stay focused and motivated to prepare yourself for the test, but it’s worth a try.

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Assess yourself

Assess, Address, Test and Master–Is the effective Pass the OT Approach used for the study prep students.

Self-assessment is very important as it will give you a clear view of your strengths and weaknesses in terms of your knowledge and capacity in your profession. A little bit of criticism won’t hurt you at all as long as it is for your own development.

Pass the OT is the online tutoring website that can help you get through with that if you cannot do it on your own. All you need to do is be open about it with yourself and let them help you improve for your own good sake.

After assessing yourself, you can now address your problem to your tutor and give your focus to it. Don’t be ashamed knowing that you have your weaknesses in some things related to your profession. Make this your proper approach of criticizing yourself and your work and be comfortable to work for it.

Take some study prep test whenever you’re ready and see if there’s any improvement to it. If there is no development, do not hesitate to see through it again until you master it.

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Study with Pass the OT

The best way to study for a big exam is to seek professional assistance. Say, for instance, a very impressive and effective study prep course like They boast of the 2,000 students they were able to help get through and pass the exam with a great score since 2013. That’s about 90% of the course takers for six years in a row now help by their very passionate and skillful teachers or tutors.

They have one-on-one tutoring thru phone or via Skype, if you have problems you need answers for the test and if you are having trouble lifting your spirit up because of test anxiety.

Pass the OT modules has timed quizzes, clear rationale, audio recordings & video of lessons, simplified charts which can help them understand objectively.

This online learning hub not only helped students pass after taking the test a couple of times but they have also helped some raise to a score of 101 which is very impressive. They also accomplished helping ESL students and ones with learning disabilities pass the exam as well.

Pass the OT caters all techniques effective for learning for everyone’s convenience. A student won’t get tired or bored of reading because they have several techniques that can enhance their learnings just like listening to audio recordings, take mini quizzes or thru a Skype conversation with a tutor.

Enrolling with Pass the OT can help you with the two things mentioned above. What is good about this one is you won’t be doing it alone, their online tutors will help you get through it all.

Who knows you’ll get as lucky as those who passed the test for the first time when they were all prepped up by Pass the OT’s friendly and accommodating tutors.

Check out their prep courses at and get yourself more than ready for the National Board Certification in Occupational Therapist exam!

This online learning website is not endorsed nor affiliated by the NBCOT.


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