PCR Test Locations in Charlotte North Carolina


Covid-19 is still spreading across our country and infecting hundreds of thousands of people. While numbers are decreasing as well as the death rates, it’s still important that we do our part to prevent the spread of this disease. 

To stop the spread, we can wear our masks, practice social distancing in crowded areas, and get the vaccine. There are several different kinds of vaccines and boosters to choose from so you won’t struggle when it comes to getting the vaccine. For more information on the vaccine, click this link. 

Covid-19 can be an extremely dangerous virus for people with low immune systems and our elderly population. This is because the disease attacks our respiratory system, which can make it difficult for patients to breathe. 

Other symptoms of the disease include fever, chills, a rash, headache, aches and pains, nausea, and loss of smell or taste. There are plenty of additional symptoms but these are the ones that are the most common amongst Covid-19 patients.

If you’re experiencing symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the disease, it’s important to get tested. 

A PCR test is the most reliable way doctors can use to test for the Covid-19 virus. It’s non-invasive and quick to complete. All you have to do is have a doctor or a nurse swab the inside of your nostril with a cotton swab. It’s as simple as that. 

PCR Test Locations in Charlotte North Carolina

If you suspect you might have the Covid-19 virus for any reason, you should get a PCR test. There are lots of ways to get a PCR test in Charlotte and none of them require anything too taxing. 

You can get a PCR test at your doctor’s office

If you’re ill and think you might have Covid-19, your doctor should be your first call. More than likely they’ll be able to see you for an exam within the week. Depending on your symptoms, they’ll give you a PCR test to check you for the virus. 

Most doctors’ offices are equipped with PCR tests, but if your office is super small or often busy with sick patients, it may be harder for you to get. But don’t worry, if your doctor can’t test you for the disease, they’ll have connections with other clinics in your area. They can send you to one of them on a referral so you can get the right tests that you need.

Your local pharmacy will have test strips

Your local pharmacy will have test strips

A pharmacist has all sorts of knowledge. They can suggest over-the-counter medication, tell you how certain medications interact with one another, give vaccinations, and even administer PCR tests. 

If your local pharmacy has its own website, you can schedule an appointment for a PCR test. Most pharmacies, depending on the volume of patients, can see you within the week or even the day of. Reach out to your pharmacist for more information on how they can help you get tested for Covid-19

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A local Pop-up testing site is another great place to get tested

Another great way to get a PCR test here in Charlotte is to go to your local test center or pop-up shop. They’re all over the state and you can find them by going online. Some of these testing sites even have an urgent care element to them if they’re not urgent care clinics already. 

These are great places to get a fast and reliable test. A lot of these places don’t require an appointment so you can visit them at any time of day. Be warned though, that these testing sites can be far busier than your pharmacy or doctor’s appointment so be prepared to stay several hours in line waiting for a test. 

If you want to know whether or not the testing site in your area has long wait times, the best method to use is to call ahead. This way, you can plan how many hours you’ll need to put aside during the day to make time to get tested. 

Your town’s fire department

This seems off, but it’s true. During the pandemic, a lot of towns were given vaccinations and testing kits to administer to the high-risk populations. Local fire departments were the custodians of these tests and vaccines. 

If you call your local fire department, you can ask to see if they have any PCR testing kits in your area. Some of them might be able to help you get a hold of one, or they can point you in the right direction. Regardless, they’re still a great resource to reach out to. Just be sure you don’t use their emergency line when you make the call. 

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Your place of employment

Depending on what you do for work, your place of employment might provide you with a rapid test or the more reliable PCR test if you’re feeling sick or come in contact with a coworker who recently tested positive. 

This isn’t true for all employers but you can double-check with your HR department. They’ll be able to tell you what sorts of benefits if any, they can provide you if you have symptoms of the disease or came in contact with someone who tested positive. Some workplaces will pay for your test or schedule an appointment for you. 

Taking a PCR test is the most reliable method for documenting Covid-19 cases in the country. They’re safe, non-intrusive, and fast-acting.

If you or someone you know has symptoms or came in contact with someone who tested positive, contact one of these testing sites and stay home. This will help prevent the further spread of the disease and give your doctors a better idea of what it is they’re treating. 

While there is no cure for Covid-19, there is a vaccine that can mitigate the spread and prevent death.

Many of the places that I listed above will also provide access to the vaccines as well as the PCR tests. While Covid-19 is a frightening illness, getting tested can help put your mind at ease and get you the right treatment you need. 


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