Important Facts You Need to Know about Car Accidents in Hawaii


Just like with any state in the United States, car accidents happen every year in Hawaii, and the causes of the accidents vary. Getting involved in a car accident, whether it is a fatal or non-fatal car accident, can give you some difficult times.

It’s best for you to contact a Hawaii car accident lawyer as soon as possible if you are getting involved in a car accident around the state of Hawaii.

Important Facts You Need to Know about Car Accidents in Hawaii

By getting help from the best Hawaii car accident lawyers, you can get through all the legal hassles to ask for the compensation you deserve to get for the accident.

Here are some important facts you need to know about car accidents in Hawaii:

1. 10 to 20 People Killed Each Year Because of Bike Accidents in Hawaii

In Hawaii, there are occurrences of bike accidents that kill around 10 to 20 people each year. This number might seem small, but it’s telling us something about how important it is to keep your safety while riding a bike or a motorized scooter around Hawaii, such as by wearing a helmet and by keeping tabs on the traffic lights and other traffic signs.

It’s also important to know that around 20 to 30 people get killed each year in Hawaii because of getting hit by motorcycles while walking around the street.

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2. 40% of Accident Cases in Hawaii Involve Alcohol Consumption

Among the general accident cases in Hawaii each year, 40% of them happen because of drunk driving or alcohol consumption. People who are consuming alcohol must not drive at all, and they need to ask the help from other people to drive them home.

Alcohol consumption is not a problem unless you are driving around the road, whether during daylight or at night. Most drunk driving accidents in Hawaii happen at night since the drunk drivers couldn’t see the roads with ease while having difficulty controlling their vehicles in their drunk state.

3. Speeding is a Common Cause of Car Accidents in Hawaii

Another common cause of accidents in Hawaii is speeding. Some people who are speeding their way through the traffic on Hawaiian roads get into car accidents each year. It’s important for you to look at the recommended speed while driving your car in Hawaii to avoid any accidents.

Please note that some accidents might only cause injuries for the drivers and the passengers, but there are also various instances of car accidents in the Hawaiian state that lead to death. Always be mindful to drive your car or vehicle at the recommended speed.

4. People Who Got Killed in Hawaii Accidents are Both Drivers and Passengers

It’s important to note that among the fatal car accidents in Hawaii, both drivers and passengers got killed during the events.

Whether you are driving a regular car or a truck, fatal accidents can happen if you are not careful with your driving. It’s best to follow the safety precautions before driving on any Hawaiian road, whether for a quick trip or a long trip.

You need to always wear your seatbelt during your driving and make sure that your vehicle safety mechanisms work in their proper ways. Most car accidents in Hawaii happen in cars or vehicles owned by individuals, such as small trucks, SUVs, and regular cars.

However, there are also some accidents in Hawaii that happen in commercial vehicles, so you always need to be careful on your trip around the state of Hawaii.

5. Getting in Contact with Hawaii Car Accident Lawyers

It’s best for you to contact a Hawaii car accident lawyer if you have been involved in a certain car accident. This way, you can recover your losses and ask for fair compensation for your injuries, whether physical or emotional.

Getting through an accident might traumatize some people, and it is important for you to contact the legal team as soon as possible after the accident happens.

The Hawaii car accident lawyers can help you with all the legal requirements to deal with this difficult time and ask for the compensation that will help you recover from your physical, emotional, and financial injuries.

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It’s important for you to know about these car accident facts in Hawaii so that you can be more careful when you drive around the Hawaiian roads.

Accidents can happen, whether it is during the day or at night, so you will need to be careful at all times when you drive around the roads in Hawaii. Safety precautions will always protect you from any fatal accident in Hawaii. 


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