Things You Need For Trekking – The Ultimate Check List


Nowadays adventure sports have been part of our nature and life. Thrilling activates like river rafting, paragliding, trekking, bungee jumping and many more adventure sports, gives experience, joy, fun, and sense of fulfillment.


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Trekking has become most popular adventure sports. The most common question raised before trekking is What to carry? The challenge lies in balancing between less weight as you are going to carry it physically. So for all, who love to trek. Here are few checklists. These are the basic items that need to carry while trekking.

Water and Food

Water is the essential item. It is the elixir of life. This first reason why trekkers get exhausted is Dehydration. So it is compulsory to carry water while trekking.

At the morning before you start trekking eat a heavy breakfast. So that a light lunch is sufficient. Carrying high energy chocolate bars is good in case if the trekking takes more time for any reason.


Trekking journey can be on hill-capped mountain trails, forests trails or any other terrain. If the trek in the summer season and in forest or mountain region, cloths made of cotton is comfortable. If the trek is in the winter season, a thick woolen dress would be preferable. It is better to have a spare dress in case of rainfall or snowfall.

Compass and Cell Phone

Mobile phones Technology has been developing day by day. Anyone in the world can be traced easily using GPS. In case you are missed in a deep forest or some ware during trekking, it would be easy to find you using GPS.  Hence it is always best to carry mobile phones with complete charging. A Compass is still a valuable device even used in the days of GPS since compass does not rely on electricity.

Torch light and Head lamps

As the weather is unpredictable in trekking and if it becomes dark and visibility decreases. Torch lights can help you in that case. So it is advisable to carry a power full torch light and head lamp with spare batteries.

Insect Repellent

Most of deadly insects live in thick forests and near water bodies. If these insects bite , it may be dangerous to life. Carrying a good repellents gives a lot of relief from such difficulties.

First-Aid Kit

In case of any injuries, First-aid is compulsory. So having a simple first-aid kit with medicines is preferable. Cotton, scissor, anti-septic cream, sun blocks, cold creams, tissues must be included in the kit.

Other Essentials

A medium size rope and a good knife is also important. Other essentials like match box, a blanket and a cap are often tools in unexpected incidents. Sufficient cash is also thing to be taken care. ID card of any type is absolute must. These are the usual things to be carried while going on a trekking.

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