How Does Working Out Cause Muscle Growth?


The number of people turning to healthier living and, more specifically, working out at the gym or at home to sustain a healthy mind and body has been on a steady increase. It is, therefore, paramount for us to provide you with the best tips and hacks to achieve the best possible results from any workouts that you undertake, but also to give you the precise scientific knowledge to understand how muscle gain occurs. This article, therefore, provides the scientific basics for how your workouts can result in the best muscle growth.

Working Out

The Basics of Muscle Growth

Muscle growth takes place in the rest periods between your workouts. The body looks to repair and regrow muscle structures that have been damaged during the workout phase and in this resting phase, new muscle and additional muscle are laid down and produced. There can, therefore, be no muscle growth without having caused some form of trauma to the muscles that you have trained and no growth without a period of rest between each workout. These are the basic principles that you need to adhere to.

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Trauma to the Muscle

Whether you use a rowing machine or the Kettle Bells at, the aim of working out, to build and grow muscle, is to train the muscles until the muscle fibers have been caused to stretch and even tear. The resistance training that weights or kettlebells will provide is the epitome of weight-bearing or resistance exercises that will cause such trauma to the muscles. Keep in mind that you need both actual physical damage to the muscle and physical fatigue to cause sufficient trauma to the muscles and then create growth. You, therefore, need to work out until you feel the burn or the strain on the specific muscles that you are training at the time.

Muscle Hypertrophy

Once there has been such trauma, it is the so-called satellite cells that then work to cause muscle growth. This is known as muscle hypertrophy and is best activated through exercise and lifting weights. The damage caused or trauma as aforementioned must be within acceptable limits to allow for the body’s repair response to result in increased muscle mass. One of the main concepts to keep in mind is that although weight training causes muscle damage, it must be controlled to allow for incremental muscle gain. This entails having a series of rest days, as it is only during rest that the body’s repair response can kick into gear and repair the specific muscles that have been engaged in the workout.

How Your Workout Can Be Better?

Understanding that, yes, it is about the burn and the pain of the workout that then serves to cause muscle growth, is vital to understanding how to improve your workout. The best way to ensure that you then get the best from your workout is to follow a simple process as outlined below.

Determine What Your Goal Is for the Exercise or Weight Training

Before you can build muscle in the right places and of the right type, you need to be able to determine precisely what you want from the exercise. The main distinction to be made is whether you want to put on mass or tone and cut the existing muscle mass that you have. This distinction will determine the exact type of exercise and type of weight training that you will need to do.

Set Aside Specific Times for Your Exercise or Weight Training

To build muscle, you will need to commit to your workout plans. Having a set time when you train or go to the gym is an essential component of such commitment.

Include Rest Days

Just as you must have a set program to train, you must also have sufficient time to rest and recover. If muscle mass can only be increased during the rest period, then it will pay to build rest into the overall program. The generally accepted process is to allow at least one rest day between training the same muscle or body parts.

Workout with Someone Else

Even if you don’t have the same overall training objectives it is much more engaging and fun to work out with someone else. Many have gone for professional support and look to secure the services of a professional trainer, while for others simply having a friend or family member who joins you for your exercise session is a great way to keep motivated and ensure your continued attendance and participation.

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Concluding Comments

To build muscle, you need to be committed to the exercise and weight training process. The tips that we have outlined herein, allow you to understand the biological function of building muscle as well as the associated social and personal considerations that will make such a commitment a possibility and even enjoyable.


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