Some Fun Facts About Human Teeth


We often take our teeth for granted until something happens, which needs fixing or treating, and our teeth are one of the hardest working parts of the human body. There are many interesting facts about our teeth that you may not be aware of, and below you will find some of these which may surprise you. 

Some Fun Facts About Human Teeth

Here are fantastic facts about your teeth and how they can last so well with the abuse that they take every day.

We Notice Peoples Teeth

Around 50% of people say that the first thing they notice about a person is their teeth, so we should keep them in excellent condition.

On average, women smile around 62 times a day, while men only smile eight times, and if you do not smile as much because they are not white, seeking teeth whitening in Brisbane or wherever you live can make you smile more often.

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Our Teeth Are Hard

When you think about what we put our teeth through daily, our mouth needs to be tough and durable.

It is a good job that the enamel on our teeth is the hardest part of our bodies, and it is this that helps protect your teeth and keep them nice and healthy. 

Your Mouth Is Dirty

Although it may not look unclean and you have a brilliantly white smile, your mouth is a dirty place and contains more bacteria than people on the planet.

Also, throughout your lifetime, your mouth will produce two swimming pools of saliva.

Most Of Your Teeth Are Hidden

The average tooth is only one-third exposed, which means most of the tooth is below the surface of the gums and you cannot see it.

If you do not floss your teeth regularly, then you are missing out on cleaning about 35% of the total area of your teeth, which makes it vital for you to do. 

Your Mouth Heals Quickly

As the mouth has so many bacteria, it is one of the fastest healing parts of the body, but your teeth are the only parts of it that cannot heal themselves.

The tastebuds on your tongue have a lifespan of around ten days and regenerate themselves every one or two weeks. 

Taking Care Of Your Teeth Can Make You Live longer

By having excellent oral hygiene and regular flossing, you can improve your smile and your overall health.

People who floss their teeth daily can extend their lifespan by up to six years, and many system diseases have a direct link to oral health. Diabetes and heart disease are just some of the conditions the dentist can diagnose through your teeth and gums’ health.

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The Different Types Of Teeth

Adult humans have 32 teeth, and when we are born, your milk teeth are already developing in your gums before you are born.

Your milk teeth come in when you are between six and twelve months old, and when they fall out, and your adult teeth develop, there are four types: incisors, premolars, molars, and canine teeth.

There are more interesting facts about your teeth you may not be aware of. Ensure that you take excellent care of your teeth every day, and you can help preserve your beautiful smile for many years to come.


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